Madison Street Capital- The Power of Right Positioning

Madison’s Street Capital is a worldwide investment bank that played a big part in exclusively serving as Chief Advisors to the Professional Pipe during the recent recapitalisation. The professional Pipe or PP1 underwent recapitalisation process with KJM Capital Company. The primary business of PP1 is designing and installing of processing piping to industrialised amenities including leading nation poultry processor industries. The deal was publicised by Madison’s Street Capital Charles Botchway the Chief Executive Officer, and it was supervised by Lester Rogers Company Managing Director.


According to the report of PP1 President, the transaction process was challenging and also long, but the grateful insight full of guidance and support from Lester Rogers team made it run smoothly. Kenneth Meister of KJM Capital stated that the company was pleased for partnering with a stable and profitable company like PP1. Kenneth believes the combined effort will continue to provide successful venues and to provide high-quality processing piping products and services to the retail industry.


The PP1 has offered its services to retail industries for the last 40 years, and it has grown tremendously with high returns and performances. The core mission of the Madison’s Street Capital is aligning with different companies who have the capability of working together by using the right strategies. The Madison’s Street Capital believes that partnering with a compatible partner makes it easy to build a long-lasting relationship that moves the business to high levels of profits and success. The PP1 first office location was North Carolina in 1972 providing textile industries with quality piping solutions. In 2016 PP1 changed it strategy opting to deal with food processing facilities becoming the leading providers of different piping equipment and installation services globally. PP1 provides general replacements and maintenance services to new constructions site, renovating construction sites among others.


KJM Capital company agenda is acquiring the middle market and lower companies dealing with the offering of services to people. They partner with the companies providing them with operational expertise in finance, software and accounting hence supporting the company continued growth while expecting exceptional returns and customer service.


The Madison’s Street Capital is well known globally and has offices in Africa, Asia, America and North America and boasts of offering years of professional advice to numerous companies. The company is committed to high levels of integrity, leadership and service in delivering a different corporate mandate to its clients. Madison’s Street Capital positions their customers with the right services enabling them to succeed in the competitive global market. Check out more about this article on


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