William Saito’s Inspirational Story

Despite being born in the USA (in the year 1971), William Saito felt that he still belonged to Japan, his native home. That is why even after being brought up and schooled in the USA, he went back to Japan to offer his services in IT and cybersecurity.

His passion for IT became evident when he was in junior school (at ten years old) when he started developing software. In 10 years’ time, William Saito had been able to develop a whole company which offered solutions to big companies such as Sony and Microsoft. When he was ready to go to Japan, he sold I/O software to Microsoft, for future use in their growth and development.

When he went to Japan, he developed InTecur, which began its operations in 2012. Apart from that, he invested a lot in startups in the field of technology by young people. His passion for young people is evident even from the career paths which he took up. He is currently a university lecturer and a writer.

He is very ambitious and passionate. According to him, that is what has always driven him to become what he is currently. For instance, he was brought up in an English environment, but he still held on to his passion for Japan. In the same way, he was brought up in an environment where he was schooled and groomed for medicine. However, he still ended up venturing into engineering.

William Saito’ s passion for the youth also came up from a very legitimate source. When he became a CEO of his first company, he was still in college. He relied on his passion to drive him towards the direction he felt he ought to take. For instance, he had always had a passion for the fingerprint recognition, in the opening of doors for instance. This is what drove him towards the direction of developing a fingerprint recognition system for the Sony company.

In his books, such as An Unprogrammed Life: Adventures of an Incurable Entrepreneur, he writes stories about himself and the way he was able to make it in the world of entrepreneurship. The support from his parents is also evident. He narrates such in his attempt to become an inspiration to people trading in the same path.


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