The Chainsmokers: Releases and Goals

DJ duo the Chainsmokers are comprised of DJs Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. The two were introduced by mutual friend and band manager Adam Alpert in 2012 when Pall was looking for a new partner for his two-man band. Alpert figured the two would get along and he proved to be right: Pall and Taggart had an instant, easy chemistry and formed the Chainsmokers quickly. Taggart moved to New York from Maine, both men quit their day jobs and they began practicing and rehearsing their sound and flow full time for almost two years.

In September of 2014 they played their first live show at Terminal 5 in New York, opening for Timeflies. The show was a success and they put out their first EP, “Bouquet”, shortly after. “Collage” was the follow-up EP and in 2017 they released their first full-length album, “Memories…Do Not Open.” “Memories” was an instant hit and climbed the Billboard Dance/Electronic charts with ease. In fact “Memories” is still a club and radio staple, and the album is tied with “Demon Days” by the Gorlliaz for the number three spot of most non-consecutive weeks at the #1 spot. With “Demon Days” being 13 years old and slowly making its way down the charts while “Memories” continues to perform strongly, it is likely that the Chainsmokers will push that record.

After “Memories…Do Not Open” the Chainsmokers released a series of singles, mainly through their website for free release. These singles often see the duo experimenting with other music styles beyond dance and electronic. As big fans of all forms of music the duo wanted to spread out a bit and see what they could do with other styles. They also collaborate as often as they can, teaming up with musicians such as DJ Tiesto and the singer Halsey. Taggart has steeped out from behind the turntable to provide vocals for a few songs, something very unusual in the dance/electronic genre. The Chainsmokers also write some songs about personal experiences and put some emotion into their tracks, another step outside traditional boundaries for the band.

Chris Burch’s Investment Plans

Chris Burch is an individual most well-known for his investment strategies. He is most well-known for involvement with the development of brands such as Jawbone and Voss Water. In 2012, Chris Burch bought a resort named Nihiwatu on an Indonesian island. He completely reformed the facility, and it 2016 it was ranked highly in the World by Travel + Leisure magazine, check ( He has also partnered with Ellen DeGeneres and remains active in the business world. The website Ideamensch recently conducted an interview to learn the approach to his business.

Burch Creative Capital is a company Chris Burch created to match his curiosity. He has an eye for the potential in products, and needed a place to make those ideas a reality. This kind of work takes him all over the world. He describes how one day he might be in the South Pacific and the next day in New York. Chris Burch is excited how consumers are beginning to valve experiences over objects. It makes his projects a lot more attractive to potential clients.

When it comes to advancing the business, Chris Burch believes the best advice is to simply listen to people. Taking risks and willing to accept failure is also a vital part of running a business. The job involves meeting and talking with individuals, thus being able to read people quickly will make sure good business decisions are being made, additional information on

The business world is a place where someone can invest and made it big. Chris Burch is an individual who has reaped great success from this business plan. He travels to far off locations, and establishes locations and products for customers to enjoy. Chris Burch has helped cultivate numerous brands, while teaming up with celebrity for further product outreach. Chris Burch has helped countless people.

Alex Pall Incorporates Art, Eclecticism, and Style Into His Home

Alex Pall has years of experience in the world of art before The Chainsmokers became a household name and this is made evident in his intriguing Hollywood home. The house itself can best be described as eclectic with renovations that span the decades but still include the charm of the original 1930’s build. When Alex Pall hired interior designer Peti Lau to help decorate his expansive home he wanted to highlight the charm that was already present in the home and this is exactly what she did.

Before Peti Lau began her work in the home Alex Pall had already begun the process of incorporating his taste by purchasing vivid jungle themed wallpaper and an orange velvet couch for his luxurious living room. Peti Lau was happy to be able to incorporate the expansive collection of modern art that Alex Pall had amassed that keeps growing into the project. Prior to his notable success in The Chainsmokers, Alex Pall had been working in a gallery of art in New York City. While he enjoyed the position he knew that his passion for making music was stronger.

The bedroom designed for Alex Pall by Peti Lau combines the industrial feel of the architecture with the coziness of a chalet in the countryside. The tiles on the sloping ceilings were painted white while the walls were plastered and painted to give the appearance of a European home.

Alex Pall has made himself the success that he is today through working with Drew Taggart as The Chainsmokers. The Chainsmokers continuously release hits that fans all around the globe can’t get enough of and they aren’t going to be stopping any time soon. While their upcoming album is set to be released later this year, their premiere studio album Memories… Do Not Open is still running strong on the Billboard Dance charts as the third longest-running number 1 album of all time in the genre. Their music mixes catchy dance beats with hard-hitting lyrics that affect and speak to their millions of fans on a personal level instead of just speaking to the part mentality of today.

Jeunesse Global and Youthful Looks

Jeunesse Global is an acclaimed skincare and makeup brand that has a widely known product line that’s referred to simply as “NV.” NV, as its name suggests, helps people attain complexions that make them sources of envy. The products that are in this selection include a component that boosts youthfulness. It’s called APT-200 and is solely accessible via Jeunesse Global. The line is made up of a bronzer, foundation and, last but definitely not least, a primer. The objective behind the primer is to give complexions flawless appearances.

NV BB Perfecting Mist Foundation makes flaws that are on the skin appear a lot less noticeable to others. It smooths them out and helps people look set to stand in front of the camera. There are many noteworthy things about the products that are in this Jeunesse Global collection. These products nurture the complexion with the assistance of aloe. They’re suitable for people who have all kinds of coverage requirements, too. Light coverage is a possibility. Stronger coverage is one as well. NV’s items are all completely devoid of talc, sulfates, parabens and phthalates. Employing these items is simple and swift. These items are all appropriate for individuals regardless of their skin classifications. It doesn’t matter if a person has dry, oily or sensitive skin.

NV’s choices in foundation colors are plentiful. People who are particularly fair can go for “cool ivory” or “warm ivory.” People with darker skin can go for “cool cocoa,” “cool toffee” or even “warm honey.” There are a total of nine distinct colors. People who rely on NV get a lot of use out of the primer. It doesn’t have any oil. It’s not at all heavy. The “shimmer” product can help people who long for bright visages.

Jeunesse Global was the idea of Wendy Lewis and partner Randy Ray. Although they were previously retired, they made the decision to introduce Jeunesse Global back in September of 2009. Lewis is a masterful entrepreneur who likes to spread joy among customers. Ray is an entrepreneur who wants to assist people who are enthusiastic about accomplishing various objectives.

Ted Bauman Focuses A Large Portion Of His Professional Life On Giving Advice To People Regarding Asset Protection:

In 2013, renowned financial publishing house Banyan Hill Publishing added the expert editorial skills of Ted Bauman to its roster of industry professionals. Ted Bauman lives in Atlanta, Georgia and has expertise in the areas of low-risk investment strategies as well as asset protection among other areas that he specializes in. A large portion of Ted’s professional life has been spent focusing on helping people build toward obtaining financial sovereignty through the method of gathering the resources that they need in order to accomplish this task.

The Maryland native spent a large portion of his adult life in South Africa where he worked in a variety of different roles that included fund management for housing projects. In his Banyan Hill Publishing role, Ted Bauman really relishes the chance to write on a daily basis. His focus is on the essential topics that can really help his readers with attaining the personal financial sovereignty that they seek. Ted also loves the chance to turn what might normally be seen as dry and boring topics, such as asset protection or finance, and turn them into an interesting narrative that people can gain valuable meaning from.

The asset protection topic really is one that Ted focuses on quite significantly in his writing. A major question that he likes his readers to consider is whether or not their assets can survive a major disaster. Ted Bauman offers up a list of five points that he thinks his readers should keep in mind in order to ensure that their wealth is protected. The first one is to have a home safe in order to keep prized and expensive valuables. He also reminds people that you should never hold all of your prized assets in the same place. His second recommendation is to have a safe-deposit box located in your bank because this is a great place to store your liquid assets. Ted Bauman also recommends having a safe-deposit box in a foreign bank as well. These kinds of boxes that are held in places like Switzerland are safe from government confiscation. His fourth suggestion is to have an independent vault located in the United States because they are not government regulated. His last point is to have an independent vault located in a foreign country. This is an even better option because it is not subject to IRS requirements. Ted Bauman Explains 3 Possible Stock Market Crash Outcomes

Sebastian Copeland and Herbalife Team Up on Polar Expedition

Sebastian Copeland is a photographer, filmmaker, extreme athlete and environmental activist who dreamed of tackling a Polar Expedition since he was a child. Reading about the exploration of the Polar regions piqued an interest that carried through into his adult years. Once Sebastian focused on turning his dreams into reality, he knew he needed to focus on his training to achieve a successful result.


Starting with sound nutrition was critical. He knew his body would not be able to stand against the rigors of a harsh polar environment. Being able to overcome adverse conditions was the top priority, so training began to improve stamina, muscle strength, cardiovascular performance and mental attitude. Part of Sebastian’s diet included Herbalife products.


During training, he used Herbalife 24 Prolong. Sebastian found this powdered supplement to be flavorful and easy to ingest. Herbalife 24 Prolong is a blend of maltodextrin and low-glycemic fructose which facilitates the utilization of carbohydrates helps reduce muscle breakdown during exercise and helps the body maintain a good environment for proper muscle contraction. It also has 500% daily value of Vitamin C for scavenging cell-damaging free radicals and B Vitamins to support carbohydrate metabolism. Incorporating Herbalife 24 into his training program was easy and effective, helping him to reach his goal to be in top physical and mental form for the challenge ahead.

Out on the ice and snow during his expedition he had to pull 200 to 400 pounds of gear on a sled behind him. Having to traverse these snowfields eight to 13 hours per day, Copeland found using the Herbalife 24 shakes while on the trail kept him energized and alert. The exertion on his body pushed him to his limits, but his training and prep work kept his stamina up so he could finish his expedition. Now he travels to the polar regions regularly, filming stories, providing immersive experiences for children and adults alike and bringing awareness of the environmental issues facing the polar regions today.


In 1980, when Mark Hughes created and began selling Herbalife weight management products from the trunk of his car, he couldn’t have imagined the impact the Herbalife brand of products has made on athletes and adventurers around the globe today.


Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum Uses Single-Incision Knee Surgery as an Alternative to Full Knee Replacement Surgery

Have you been putting off your knee surgery because you are afraid of spending days in the hospital and weeks or months in recovery? You’re not alone. Millions of Americans need knee surgery every year and procrastinate about getting it done, just like you. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum, Chairman of Orthopedic Surgery at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center, specializes in minimally invasive knee replacement surgery and alternatives to full knee replacement surgery. Single-incision knee surgery is possible using Dr. Kirschenbaum’s techniques.

Your knee is divided into three compartments and when only one part of the knee is diseased, Dr. Kirschenbaum has the opportunity to just replace that part of the knee. This greatly speeds up recovery time because Dr. Kirschenbaum leaves the rest of the knee intact, avoiding damage and trauma to the ligaments and person’s feeling of their old knee. With total knee replacement surgery, the whole knee is removed and replaced with a new knee, which isn’t guaranteed to last forever. In fact, most people need another total knee replacement within 10 to 12 years.

Dr. Kirshenbaum, who trained in hip and knee replacement and reconstructive surgery at The Rothman Institute in Philadelphia, says that selective knee replacement surgery is not an effective treatment option for people suffering from severe arthritis such as rheumatoid arthritis. The good news is that if your arthritis is restricted to just one part of the joint, which is the case in 70% of people suffering from knee arthritis, you are an excellent candidate for partial knee replacement surgery.

Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum holds many trademarks and inventions, having developed instruments for partial unicompartmental knee replacements. He now practices in White Plains, N.Y.


OSI Group Represents A Century Of Excellence

OSI Group is the example of a company that has embraced change and evolved with the times. It began as a family-owned business in the early nineteen hundreds. OSI was originally known as Otto and Sons. Otto Kolschowsky founded the organization and ran the business with his family. It was a meat market operating out of the Chicago area that supplied local food service establishments with their product. Otto and Sons became a standout organization over time. Otto Kolschowsky eventually passed the business over to his children. In the 1950’s Otto and Sons was discovered by McDonald’s Corporation CEO Ray Kroc. Ray Kroc was ready to expand his restaurant business into the Illinois area and needed meat supplier that he could trust. He chose Otto and Sons.

This turned out to be a working relationship that would last for decades. Otto and Sons experienced tremendous growth along with McDonald’s. Their success paralleled one another. The former meat market would go on to produce groundbreaking technology such as the meat patty cutting machine and cryogenic freezing chambers. Otto and Sons became the primary supplier of meat to McDonald’s. There production soon reached a national level. The original founders of Otto and Sons settled into retirement. In the 1960’s and 70’s the company started to take on international business. At this point Otto and Sons became OSI Group and started to spread its influence throughout the food manufacturing industry.

OSI Group now has several other major restaurant chains as clients such as Pizza Hut, Papa John’s Pizza, Subway and Starbucks. There are 65 plants operating in 17 different countries. OSI has maintained a steady pace of expansion for over 100 years. The company was listed by Forbes as the 58th largest privately owned company in the world. Leaders at OSI believe that the company’s private status allows it to make the kind of moves that set it apart from other food manufacturing organizations. OSI Group leaders take their hiring process very seriously. They are interested in people who want to be with the company long term. Trustworthy staff is the backbone of longevity and success at OSI Group.

Lee May: All Bases Loaded

Lee May was born March 23, 1943 in Birmingham, Alabama. As an outstanding two sport athlete he earned a scholarship offer from the University of Nebraska to play football. However the Cincinnati Reds were more interested in him; signing him to an amateur free agent contract with a $12,000 bonus in the summer of 1961. That same year Lee May made his professional debut playing in the minor leagues with the Tampa Tarpons. This was a developmental league affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds. He would continue to be promoted and climb the ranks over the next four years. During this time he experienced racism and prejudice from white fans of opposing teams as well as his own team. Having his most successful year in the minors during 1964, he was called up and made his major league debut on September 1, 1965 with the Cincinnati Reds. He hit his first major league home run on September 24, 1966 against the New York Mets. It ended up being the game winning home run. After a stellar training camp and productive off-season he was named rookie of the year by The Sporting News. For the next two years he was an integral part of the greatest offense in Major League Baseball. His down to earth personality often lead to him mediating clubhouse disputes and issues. During 1970, Lee May hit the last ever home run at Crosley Field during the park’s concluding game. During the same year, May was the standout player for the Reds in the world series and carried them to their only victory of the series against the Baltimore Orioles. Two years later he was traded to the Houston Astros. With their team lacking the power that Lee May possessed, he was a good fit. Over the next 10 years he would continue to make his impact playing for the Baltimore Orioles and then Kansas City Royals before deciding to leave the game finally in 1982 at the age of 39. Earning Hall of Fame honors in two major league clubs as well as the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame, he indeed made his mark. Lee May passed away on July 29, 2017 at age 74 of pneumonia.

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Live A Century With Dr. Dov Rand

There are a few healthy aging medical specialists as prestigious as Dr. Dov Rand. With over 20 years of experience he is able to efficiently cater to his patient’s needs. Partaking in studies at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Saint Barnabas Medical Center as well as Howard University College of Medicine has had a lasting impact on him. He is well educated in a wide array of medical care. All of his procedures and practices are based on evidence based support. Dr. Dov Rand believes that every patient should feel comfortable with their healthcare provider and he aims to do so. He engages with his patients and meets them where they are at, health wise. As a compassionate doctor he tactfully works with each person and assists them in reaching their well-being aspirations. He is regarded by many as the doctor’s-doctor, and optimizes health needs starting with his own. Understanding that there are many branches on the tree of health, he leads by example and lives an active and healthy lifestyle. Including all the various aspects of health is vital, he stresses this to patients. This is important because as a patient you want to feel at ease seeing that your doctor partakes in the health recommendations that he gives you. Dr. Dov Rand has been a premier specialist in the world of medicine for elderly aging patients. Among the numerous medical services he provides, some are: depression, weight gain or loss, insomnia, menopause and digestive problems to name a few. As a leader in customized medicine Dr. Dov Rand formulates treatment plans that immediately begins to help the patient no matter what the issue may be. He offers various therapies, supplements, and supportive services. However he expresses that eating the proper foods and maintaining a healthy diet can help expedite desired results. Combining the proper diet with bio-identical hormones and regular exercise can prove to be extremely supportive of the aging patient. Too many times he has seen elderly people sacrificing the activities they enjoy the most because of deteriorating health. His goal is to help these patients get a new lease on life and regain their sound health in all areas.