The Chainsmokers: Releases and Goals

DJ duo the Chainsmokers are comprised of DJs Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. The two were introduced by mutual friend and band manager Adam Alpert in 2012 when Pall was looking for a new partner for his two-man band. Alpert figured the two would get along and he proved to be right: Pall and Taggart had an instant, easy chemistry and formed the Chainsmokers quickly. Taggart moved to New York from Maine, both men quit their day jobs and they began practicing and rehearsing their sound and flow full time for almost two years.

In September of 2014 they played their first live show at Terminal 5 in New York, opening for Timeflies. The show was a success and they put out their first EP, “Bouquet”, shortly after. “Collage” was the follow-up EP and in 2017 they released their first full-length album, “Memories…Do Not Open.” “Memories” was an instant hit and climbed the Billboard Dance/Electronic charts with ease. In fact “Memories” is still a club and radio staple, and the album is tied with “Demon Days” by the Gorlliaz for the number three spot of most non-consecutive weeks at the #1 spot. With “Demon Days” being 13 years old and slowly making its way down the charts while “Memories” continues to perform strongly, it is likely that the Chainsmokers will push that record.

After “Memories…Do Not Open” the Chainsmokers released a series of singles, mainly through their website for free release. These singles often see the duo experimenting with other music styles beyond dance and electronic. As big fans of all forms of music the duo wanted to spread out a bit and see what they could do with other styles. They also collaborate as often as they can, teaming up with musicians such as DJ Tiesto and the singer Halsey. Taggart has steeped out from behind the turntable to provide vocals for a few songs, something very unusual in the dance/electronic genre. The Chainsmokers also write some songs about personal experiences and put some emotion into their tracks, another step outside traditional boundaries for the band.

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