Boraie Development Is Recreating The Jersey Skyline

High-rise living is a great life, and as our planet becomes more and more concentrated with people, especially in areas like New York Metro, upwards is the only way to go. The nicest thing about living in a high-rise is having everything at your fingertips, from gyms to dry cleaning services, parking, elevators, one-floor living, and a true sense of community.


Boraie Development has been working to bring very nice high-rise living to a number of areas in New Jersey, and their most recent project, the Aspire, in New Brunswick, is no exception. A 24-hour doorman, at any building, immediately says luxury, but add to this a state-of-the-art fitness center, attached parking garage, and two green amenity sky decks for tenants use, and the thoughts that perhaps calling it “nirvana” come to mind. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Built walking distance from the train station, and with bike storage on premises, a complete dining area, kitchen and a library, this seems like it might be the best place to live most anywhere. Boraie Development has long brought class and foresight to their projects. The Aspire is representative of much of what they bring to communities they choose to redevelop.


Shaquille O’Neal, famed basketball superstar, born and raised in Newark, New Jersey, has decided to go back home and have a definitive impact on his hometown. Eponymously called “Shaq Tower,” this 22-story complex will be the first new edition to the Newark skyline in nearly 5 decades. Not surprisingly, Shaq called on Sam Boraie to help him develop this project, which is being erected quite nearby the New Jersey Performing Arts Center.


Mr. O’Neal, by most accounts, seems to be a very kind person. Anyone who goes back to their hometown, which is unfortunately suffering from some of the results of post-industrialization blight, and makes an investment in that community, there is something special in that type of concern. Newark needs Shaq and Boriae Development to resuscitate interest in this city, that relative to its geographical location, being roughly a 45 minute train ride from Manhattan, should be, at the very least, a more thriving metropolis. Perhaps the magic Shaq brought to basketball will now morph into equally positive assistance for his hometown, and will have as memorable an effect.


According to Patch, Boriae Development, long focused on New Jersey, has a reputation for going into under-developed areas, which have been abandoned after the buildings of industrialization had been emptied of their promise, and they see opportunity, as they well should. Housing prices in this part of the country are ridiculously expensive, largely because of scarcity, so more housing options are entirely welcome.



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