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Stream Energy has become engaged in philanthropy in a way to let the citizens in their community and their customers know that they care. Offering support and relief to those affected by Hurricane Harvey which left devastation and flooding in the city of Dallas, Texas. Providing relief, including financial relief to the residents and stream customers goes hand in hand with Stream Energy’s corporate and philanthropic values. Stream has long been a partner of The Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity. The corporation launched its charity “Stream Cares” in 2018.

The Stream Energy employees and leadership have been instrumental in bringing their support and caring spirit to many in the community. One such outpouring of support was in leading the scope to bring homeless children for an outing at a local water park through the Stream Energy partnership with Hope Supply Company, a company that provides money, diapers, school supplies and other basic necessities to the homeless children and their parents in the community which has been in partnership with Stream Energy for a number of years.

Stream Energy has designed its business model with a concern for the community as well as bolstering sales for their business in mind. The associates and employees who work for Stream work within the community promoting energy products, mobile home plans, plans that provide telemedicine and remote doctors and so on. The Stream associates build up a network of loyal customers to go along with the connected living concept of Stream.

The Stream associates are essentially entrepreneurs and owners of their own businesses as they are related to the products that they sell for Stream. The plight of the homeless is a particular priority in the area of charitable work and giving for the associates of stream.

Stream sees giving back to the community as a recipe for success in their industry.

Charlamagne Tha God’s Self Made Career


Charlamagne tha God has become a figure recognized by many for his place within the entertainment community. Best known for the time that he spent on the Wendy Williams show, and the fact that he is now a host on the talk radio show The Breakfast club, Charlamagne has built his career with his bare hands out of essentially nothing. Having spent a minor amount of time behind bars, upon his release, Lenard Larry Mckelvey took an internship at a radio station. It was not long before he found himself in a host chair, and had not left it since.

Charlamagne has many endeavors in the works, along with his role on The Breakfast Club, he is also the Executive Producer of CThaGod World LLC, and co-host of the Brilliant Idiots podcast.

Charlamagne Tha God is known for his grit in interviews, never shying away from the tough topics when speaking with celebrities on his various shows. Charlamagne fearlessly drives the national dialogue on issues in the hip-hop community, racism being alive and well in America, society, and politics, with his unique take on things and his provocative nature.

Building his career on the fact that he is willing to ask questions that most wouldn’t dare, Charlamagne Tha God has a habit of touching on those subjects that most would rather leave well enough alone. This is exactly what has made The Breakfast Club show as successful as it is. According to Akon (who has been a guest on the show) if an individual is “somebody” and want to stay that way, they end up in the hot seat on the show.

An important part of Charlemagne story is remembering what it took to get him where he is now. As living proof that no matter who you are or where you come from, you can still do and be anything that you want to, Charlamagne recognizes how much he has grown in his career when faced with situations such as a recent interview he conducted with Hilary Clinton. Visit This Page to learn more.


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Charlamagne Tha Go Cancels TimesTalk Interview With Kanye West


In April, Charlamagne Tha God, Breakfast Club’s long-time talk show host, and radio personality sat down to an interview with Kanye West which was two hours in length once all was said and done. During this interview, the pair discussed Kanye’s 2016 mental health issues that had landed him in the hospital at that time, wherein the artist attributed his “breakdown” as being caused by lack of sleep, although having been clinically diagnosed as being bipolar.


More recently, the two had agreed to another intervied that was rather highly publicized. Charlamagne Tha God was again set to interview Kanye on a segment of TimesTalk, gear towards mental health and normalizing mental health issue within the black community. It was an interview that Charlamagne had high hopes for, given the fact that both men had experienced their own versions of issues revolving around mental health struggles.


However, the Monday prior to the Wednesday the interview was set to take place, Charlamagne announced the fact that he was choosing to cancel it via Twitter. Per the announcement, Charlamagne Tha God did not believe that the timing was right for such a discussion to be beneficial or productive. Although he does not express a solid explanation for the cancellation, reports cite Kanye’s recent visit to the White House and meeting with President Trump to be a possible reason.


During their meeting, Kanye West expressed his support of the President, also sporting attire that showed that support. Footage of the meeting was released to the public wherein Kanye goes into an in-depth explanation of his decision to support Trump’s campaign. Go Here for more information.


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Richard Liu Qiangdong: A Company That Consumers Can Trust


There is an interview with featuring well-known businessman Richard Liu and his interviewer David Rubenstein. In this interview, they talk about the creation of Richard Liu Qiangdong’s company Jingdong Mall, or as it is more commonly known The success that Liu has seen in the world of business has been something that is mildly unprecedented. He has grown his company from absolutely nothing to one of the go-to retailers for Chinese customers. This interview was an attempt to shed light on the business practices that he feels have been most beneficial to his development.

One of the most serious questions that David Rubenstein asks Richard Liu Qiangdong about is his previous failures in the industry. While some people look at failures as a low point in their life, it is common for successful businessmen to review these failures as an opportunity to learn. Richard Liu explains to David Rubenstein that he believes that his opportunity with a restaurant as a student was one of those times. He explains that the failure of that business was due to the fact that he was unprepared for the role and did not have the necessary time to meet all of its business obligations. Get More Information Here

Jingdong Mall was a completely different situation. He started it as a small electronics company and moved it to an online business when SARS became a huge problem in China. The online business was very successful. Jingdong Mall had been doing really well as a physical entity but saw widespread permeation. People all over China were looking to to meet their retail needs. It became apparent to Richard Liu very quickly that he would need to expand the products that they offer.

One of the reasons why was so popular was because they offered something that other companies in 2004 did not, peace of mind about their products. A lot of products at the time were coming in to customers as counterfeits and they did not trust online companies. JD Mall changed that sentiment and began offering more widespread products. Richard Liu believes that is one of the cornerstones of the company’s success, creating a trust-bond with the consumers.


View source: Works On Logistics Within A Changing China…, or Jingdong, is the largest retailer in China. China is changing too. It’s becoming more filled with sustainable types of urban development.

The landscape is changing so much that has come up with a really good idea. Why not create a technical institute that is solely dedicated to studying logistics within a given city? Why not have employees, PhD’s, city planners, as well as others gather together in one place where they can eagerly pursue the best possible system for delivering goods as economically as possible from within a “smart city.”

Jingdong Mall has created an institute in Xiongan where data can be stored, and data storage is perhaps the biggest part of the uphill battle when it comes to the field of logistics. At its most basic core, logistics is essentially just the careful study of this data to develop routes/plans that have all the possible headaches pre-removed, if you will.

One interesting aspect of the Logistics center will be its studies into the subterranean transport realm. Underground tracks, or even large pipes, are used to move packages from one spot to another from within such systems. True Logistics involves taking a look at the many ways in which something can be transported whether that something is transported above the ground or below it! Who knows, Jingdong could become to pipe shipping, what Amazon might become to Drone shipping in America. The possibilities are endless. This is especially true when you have a dedicated institute just for logistical studies.

There is a double-sided sword as far as benefits go when utilizing these more economical forms of transporting. Not only does Jingdong gain more satisfied customers, but the urban development that is currently going on within most Chinese cities can not only continue but become part of the retail system.

There is no arguing the fact that Chinese cities are becoming faster and smarter every day. pay careful attention to matters such as optimized logistics and sustainable business practices will be the ones that are integrated the most effectively within these new Chinese city designs. See Related Link to learn more.



Attorney Todd Levine’s Balance Between Career and Hobbies

It is important that professionals seek to become masters of their craft. Specialists are the ones who get the most potential and attract more clients, as they are the ones who better understand their duties and how to find solutions for their customers.

Todd Levine, the founding member of the group Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, and Levine, is also an attorney that has had great success with his profession and has gathered decades of experience
as a lawyer with complex disputes.

Todd Levine specialized as an attorney of commercial real estate litigation and represents real estate developers, businessmen and brokers as well as property owners and managers, real estate buyers and sellers, and investors of the industry.

As a result, Todd Levine acquired a lot of experience with real estate development and understands the industry very well, having spoken to many investors in the area and contractors. He has helped them with transactions, acquisitions, and selling as well. It is common to have disputes in the real estate area of investment.

As a founding member of his group, he also has a lot of experience with them as a lawyer who has to deal with disputes in the sports and entertainment area. However, Todd Levine’s life isn’t only about real estate development and the law school, as the executive has hobbies as well.

Levine always enjoyed music, and he has developed musician skills throughout the years. He also enjoys many types of art, and he loves reading about science and books outside of his practice. Levine also agrees to have a tendency towards creativity, so he loves writing, reading and learning more about different subjects.

The lawyer is also a businessman and a financial manager at heart. He graduated from the School of Finances of the University of Florida in 1988 and then studied at the School of Law of Florida Levin College, having graduated in 1991.

Shervin Pishevar says Dow Jones may still give up all gains since 2017

The stock market has provided investors with a wild ride throughout the first half of 2018. At the beginning of the year, a huge correction sent stocks plummeting and ended one of the longest and steepest stock market rallies in the history of finance. But the market has so-far recovered to near all-time highs. Whether or not it will be able to continue this rally throughout the short term is a matter of speculation. But there is little doubt that there are some serious underlying economic questions that could adversely affect the long-term prospects of U.S. equities.

Shervin Pishevar, one of the most successful venture capitalists in the tech sector, has long been sober voice regarding the future of American stock prices. Shervin Pishevar believes that there is a strong chance that a confluence of negative economic trends could conspire to push stock prices back to where they were at the beginning of 2017, perhaps even lower.

One of the factors that Shervin Pishevar cites is the careless expansionary monetary policies of the Federal Reserve. He believes that the current stock valuations, which include some of the most elevated P/E ratios in the history of the stock market, have been fueled by the wide expansion of the money supply and the availability of historically cheap credit. In some cases, says Shervin Pishevar, real interest rates have actually gone negative. This has led to many companies using this virtually free money to borrow in order to buy back their own stock. Pishevar says that if stock buybacks were removed from the total current market cap, the stock market would experience a near-instantaneous and severe crash.

Another factor that Pishevar cites is the fact that consumers are stretched ever thinner in their finances. He points to the many bankruptcies of retail outlets, not solely as indicating the dominance of Amazon but also as an indicator that American consumers simply have less disposable income.

Eventually, he says, this lack of consumer spending power is going to get factored into the prices of the companies that rely on this consumer spending for their livelihood.

Charlamagne Tha God Sides With Tyler The Creator In Eminem Scandal


The surprise release of Eminem’s “Kamikaze” album has left many fans shocked at his ability to keep the recording and marketing of the album a secret for so long. Although the release of the album has been welcomed in most quarters, some groups have been shocked at some of the content, particularly the Homophobic Slur used against rapper Tyler The Creator. In a recent interview, Tyler the Creator revealed his bisexuality to much praise from various groups across the U.S. and almost universal acclaim from members of the music industry.

The angry latest release from Eminem sees much use of his “Shady” incarnation which sees him pulling no punches against those he feels have slighted him in the past. Eminem takes on all those who gave him negative feedback over the “Revival” album which was controversial among both fans and critics. Charlamagne Tha God was a fierce critic of the album but took the time to praise “Kamikaze” as a return to form.

Discussing the open slur on the name of Tyler The Creator, Charlamagne Tha God explained his own feelings were not harmed by the word but that Eminem was playing with fire by using a slur in the era we now find ourselves. The co-host of “The Breakfast Club” radio show explained he had little knowledge of how the use of the homophobic slur would affect the standing of Eminem in the LGBT community but would like to hear how others within the social group felt.

In response to his own featuring on the album from Eminem, Charlamagne Tha God explained he could not be happier he had finally reached a level where the upper echelons of rap nobility were namechecking him in their songs. Read This Article for additional information.


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Learn About the Successful Aloha Construction Company

Aloha Construction is a prominent contractor company. It is a family-owned company and was launched in 2008. It’s an operated general construction and constructing company which has tremendously grown since its establishment into a home improvement powerhouse. It has managed to complete more than 20,000 projects and serves all of entire Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. It is the best contractor option of this region since it provides a wide range of services such as Kitchen Design, Window Repair, and Replacement, Roofing Repair and Replacement, Flashing Masonry, Stucco Installation, Vinyl-siding Repair, Bathroom Repair, Waterproofing Gutter Services, Carpet Cleaning, Siding Installation, Fire and Smoke Restoration, Mold Removal and much more services.


Aloha Construction was recently awarded the 2017 BBB (Better Business Bureau) Torch Award due to Marketplace Ethics. Torch Award is offered to all companies that maintain high ethical values in their operations and services. This helps to amplify the ethics standards of the BBB by keeping the interest of their clients and community above everything else. Aloha Construction is a fully certified, insured as well as a bonded. This firm gives a craftsmanship ten years warrant. It is part of NRCA; the National Roofing Contractors Association, BTA; the Building Trades Association, CRCA; the Chicago Roofing Contractors Association. This firm has also attained an industrial certificate from Better Business Bureau (BBB).


BBB gave Aloha an A rating. Aloha has a dedicated and hardworking team which comprises of siding and roofers experts has gone through a full training procedure where they are educated about specific details. The executive staff provides free consultation and home inspection services to all their prospective customers. This firm is currently having a partnership with Synchrony Financial which helps in helping with the new and latest financial options for the company’s full range of customers. Aloha Construction is destined to meet their clients’ preferences to their maximum satisfaction.

Igor Cornelsen and Organizational Success

Igor Cornelsen is a native of South African but born in Brazil in 1947. Igor studied at the federal university of Parama. He joined engineer school in 1965. He also did an economics course after studying engineer for two years. He finished his university studies in 1970 and began his career at the investment bank after graduating. Igor later moved to Multibanco where he served in several positions. He later became a member of the board at Multibanco and eventually the chief executive officer of the bank. He left Multibanco to join Unibanco as well as London Merchant Bank by the name Libra Bank PLC.

According to Igor Cornelsen, there are things that organizations must do they become successful. For instance, it is vital that an organization evaluates the strength of its culture. This involves knowing what the employees, as well as other people, think about the company. Furthermore, the culture of an organization indicates that that particular company concentrates on and thus, a good culture equals good performance. Culture evaluation shows the current position of the company and what it needs to be done to achieve the primary goal. In addition to this, an organization requires a future plan. The plan indicates the where the company should be in the future. With a future goal, all the involved parties will work harder to achieve the primary goal to ensure the company remains viable in the market. The plan must be realistic as well as achievable.

An organizational strategy is a driving force to ensure that a company is successful. An excellent strategy will provide a good environment for changes. Additions, an organization must communicate its visions and values to its employees. Employees know the goal of the company so that they can work toward achieving it. Without effective communication, an organization is likely to experience division in its department. Finally, Igor claims that success is a journey and an organization must be ready to adapt to new changes if it has to be successful.