Igor Cornelsen and Organizational Success

Igor Cornelsen is a native of South African but born in Brazil in 1947. Igor studied at the federal university of Parama. He joined engineer school in 1965. He also did an economics course after studying engineer for two years. He finished his university studies in 1970 and began his career at the investment bank after graduating. Igor later moved to Multibanco where he served in several positions. He later became a member of the board at Multibanco and eventually the chief executive officer of the bank. He left Multibanco to join Unibanco as well as London Merchant Bank by the name Libra Bank PLC.

According to Igor Cornelsen, there are things that organizations must do they become successful. For instance, it is vital that an organization evaluates the strength of its culture. This involves knowing what the employees, as well as other people, think about the company. Furthermore, the culture of an organization indicates that that particular company concentrates on and thus, a good culture equals good performance. Culture evaluation shows the current position of the company and what it needs to be done to achieve the primary goal. In addition to this, an organization requires a future plan. The plan indicates the where the company should be in the future. With a future goal, all the involved parties will work harder to achieve the primary goal to ensure the company remains viable in the market. The plan must be realistic as well as achievable.

An organizational strategy is a driving force to ensure that a company is successful. An excellent strategy will provide a good environment for changes. Additions, an organization must communicate its visions and values to its employees. Employees know the goal of the company so that they can work toward achieving it. Without effective communication, an organization is likely to experience division in its department. Finally, Igor claims that success is a journey and an organization must be ready to adapt to new changes if it has to be successful.

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