Adam Milstein: Proactively Serving the Jewish Community

Adam Milstein is an active philanthropist who is highly admired by members of the Jewish community for his works in helping to lead and educate the Israeli-American population. Before relocating with his family to the United States in 1981, Milstein lived in Haifa, Israel—location where he was born and raised by his parents. While living in Israel, Adam not only took on the obligation to defend his country by joining the Israeli Defense Forces at 19, but he also took on the right to educate himself by attending the Israel Institute of Technology to get his Business Management Degree in 1978.

Shortly after arriving in the U.S. and settling down in California, Adam Milstein further decided to extend his business education by attending the University of Southern California to obtain his MBA. Moreover, after completing his business education, Milstein innately pursued real-estate like his father. With his father having been a devoted real-estate developer, Adam Milstein vigorously jumped into the field as a real-estate agent with the motive in mind to exceed in the industry. Nonetheless, over time he successful went from being a sales agent to managing partner for Hager Pacific Properties whereby he currently upholds his duties to oversee financial and disposition concerns for the commercial property investment firm. Just as fast as his business career took off, Adam Milstein had already begun staging Pro-Israel developments and joining several nonprofit organizations to serve as a pro-active leader.

The organizations that Adam Milstein are involved with include StandWithUs (international group that strives to rectify misinformation involving Israel), Sifriyat Pijama B’America (Hebrew and Jewish literacy service), the Israel on Campus Coalition (dedicated to uniting with Israel supporters on college campuses to stop Anti-Semitism), Hasbara Fellowships (organization that encourages pro-Israel activism), and his very own foundation (The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation). In efforts to promote leadership within the community and preserve Jewish culture, the foundation collaborates with other organizations to provide medical, educational, leadership, anti-Semitic, and financial aid. Furthermore, the foundation also embraces the principle of active philanthropy to inspire others to reach out and help others in need so that a greater number of people can have the opportunity to better themselves and give back to the community.

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