David McDonald the Brains Behind One of the Largest Meat Processing Plants in the World Today

David McDonald, President of OSI Group is a college graduate with a degree in Animal Science. He began his career as the chairman of the North American Meat Institute however started working for OSI Group as the project manager making his way to the top as the current President of the Company.

The company is a global food provider delivering top-notch products and services to its customers. The company’s success today can be accredited to its foundation. Otto Kolschowsky, a native German, established a meat market in 1909 based in Illinois. In 1917, he relocated to another Chicago suburb where he expanded his business into wholesale meat trade. The company established a good reputation in their community, and in 1928, it was made official as the company was now referred to as Otto and Sons.

In 1995, the franchise popularly known as McDonalds opened its first restaurant. Otto and Sons got the opportunity of supplying fresh produce to the restaurant thanks to its reputation. Otto and Sons became one of the four meat suppliers in the late 1960’s thanks to the introduction of cryogenic food processing, which was efficient in preserving food.

Otto and Sons opened its first large-scale meat processing plant in 1973 in West Chicago that developed tunnels dedicated to cryogenic food processing. Glenmark, a separate unit was formed dedicated to all non-McDonald’s business.

OSI makes money through processing, provision, and distribution of food products and services to well-known companies all over the world. David McDonald has been with OSI for almost three decades, and during this time, the company has grown tremendously and has established effective and dynamic partnerships thus the company’s lucrative profit margins from early stages.

David McDonald has credible experience in the food industry. He was Marfig Global Foods S.A.’s Independent Director. He is the chairman of North American Meat Institute, a board of directors’ member at OSI Group as well as the Director of OSI international foods Pty Limited in Australia.

David McDonald takes pride in the company’s ability to and watching the team grow and challenge themselves is truly commendable and rewarding. OSI Group values family and considers its clients like family. The same products they would use in their homes are the same products that are passed to its customers. Positive feedback creates awareness about the company and the client’s confidence in OSI Group is already a reward in itself.

OSI Group: Building Facilities Worldwide and Acquiring Smaller Food Businesses

Through the years, there has only been one leader in the food processing sector operating in the United States – the OSI Group, which was founded in the early 1900s by Otto Kolschowsky. The immigrant from Germany established his meat business in the United States, and through hard work and marketing skills, he was able to transform his small family business into a leading enterprise for meat lovers. The company that he built went into different changes through the years, and their partnership with McDonald’s allowed the company to operate overseas. In a short period of time, the OSI Group managed to open new plants in Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

The OSI Group invested heavily in the construction of new manufacturing plants around the world. One of the most advanced manufacturing plants owned by the company is located in Toledo, Spain, and it could process thousands of chickens per day. The people from the Iberian Peninsula, which is where Span and Portugal is located, is known for their cuisines made from chicken. The region is known for its huge demand for chicken meat, and the OSI Group saw it as a great business opportunity. The company immediately went to Toledo, Spain, and bought the land needed for the construction of a state of the art facility for processing chicken meat. When it opened, the facility provided jobs to the locals, and it increased the production of poultry for the region. Many people welcomed the opening of the plant, believing that the company will be able to solve poultry meat shortages.

Aside from their plant in Toledo, Spain, the OSI Group is also purchasing small businesses that are falling under the food manufacturing sector. The company wanted to give small time business people a chance to turn their brands into hugely popular products, and with the partnership being offered by the company, the competition becomes less. The leading meat and protein manufacturing company stated that they are currently eyeing on some of the largest businesses in continents, and they wanted to offer different contracts to these companies to ensure that they would also want the idea of merger or acquisition.

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Jason Hope, A Selfless Contribution To Anti Aging Campaign

Jason Hope is a distinguished Arizona-based entrepreneur, futurist, and philanthropist. He has spent much of professional time researching on technological advances, which he firmly believes is the future of entrepreneurship. He is always open to sharing his technical innovations and ideas with other like-minded or interested parties.

Jason Hope applies his rare combination of skills in business and technology to market his business ideas and share them with the rest of the world. His expertise in marketing has enabled him to actualize his projects. His research is mostly based on mobile communications technology, which he believes has the highest potential to bring a lasting impact to a large number of people in the world.

Hope studied at the Arizona State University, where he graduated with a degree in Finance. He later attended ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business and attained a Master’s in Business Administration. Immediately after graduation, he started researching mobile communications technology. To consolidate his research, he established his first company, Jawa. The company has grown and expanded to become a mother company to other several tech-oriented subsidiaries, thanks to Hopes superior business skills.

Currently, Jason Hope has broadened his interests to cover research and development of desktop software, mobile apps, and gaming software. Through his research, he has also developed devices and software to enable people to connect. He believes that human life will become more enjoyable and more comfortable after everything and everyone becomes interconnected.

Besides his passion for technology and business, Jason Hope is also a dedicated philanthropist. Most of his charitable work focuses on projects related to cures for diseases, education, biotechnology, and related scientific research. He has been an ardent supporter of local organizations, which promote community or classroom learning, disease control, and disease prevention.

One of the organizations which Jason Hope has been supporting is the California-based SENS Foundation. The non-profit organization works to develop appropriate biotechnology to counteract age-related ailments. SENS Foundation is also committed to ensuring widespread access to rejuvenation biotechnologies.

Other organizations which hope supports include the Andre Agassi Foundation, Family Health International, Teach for America Phoenix, Arizona Science Center, Worldwide Orphans Foundation, Boys & Girls Club of Metropolitan Phoenix, and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Desert Mountain States Chapter among others.

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Why JHSF Has Thrived so Well Under Zeco Auriemo

Brazil has a wealth of talent in many different industries, that’s for sure. But, where real estate is the focus, there is one name that surfaces above the rest: Zeco Auriemo. He is the reason that the country has watched JHSF, of which he is CEO, make such bold developmental moves in past couple decades. Focusing on develop only the most luxurious properties seems to be paying off as a business strategy, as JHSF is currently making bank off of shopping centers, residential buildings and even a private airport. It was also Zeco’s strategic brilliance that led the team to look for more opportunities in some other locations.

One of these locations is New York, and, there, Zeco Auriemo and his team erected an impressively luxurious residential tower. Zeco Auriemo was a student of both Sao Paulo University and Fundacao Armando University. Although he performed well academically, this was nothing compared to how he has performed professionally. JHSF, thanks to his brillinace as a leader, is now sitting comfortably at the forefront of innovative Brazilian real estate companies. The shopping malls that have come into existence thanks to his efforts are attracting many visitors and much revenue, both from native Brazilians and from international tourists.

From the outside looking in, anyone can see that Zeco Auriemo is not a man who will give up without achieving what he set out to do. JHSF, ever since bring him into the picture in 1993, has been reaping the vast rewards of this man’s vision and work ethic. Outside of all of this, though, there is more to Zeco; he is also committed to various philanthropic endeavors, and he contributes regularly to many causes, both in hours and in money. Companies all around strive endlessly to find the type of leader that JHSF already has.

Sunday Riley products improvements.

For many years, Sunday Riley has provided tremendous results to many users, who shares their feedback in various social media platforms. Sunday Riley product was created in 2009 to fill the gap created by other beauty products which did not balance the active ingredients with the botanicals. These products are produced by a beautician expert, Riley.

Riley is passionate to accomplish any set goals as she strives to improve her products each day to ensure that she gives her clients the best. She also takes her time to create the formula for mixing the active ingredients. Riley is persistent to try them out, and if they don’t work out, she tries, even more, to ensure that there is a balance in the final product, For instance, the Sunday Riley foundation which she made in 20 shades.

Riley brands her products after her name, and this makes her more responsible since when the products become popular, it’s her legacy she creates. Riley’s products are affordable since their prices are reasonable as the results are always promising giving people a look they admire with no irritation on the skin. Previously, Riley used intermediaries to market her products, but this did not work out well as most of them diluted the products hence complaints from the customers. Riley decided to sell her products online, and she believes that when one person uses the products and finds them appealing the message will spread quickly.

Riley has established good genes product that has been admired by many users also being the number one selling product. Other products which are doing well include: Power couple, U.F.O., Vitamin C serum, Luna product, tidal as well as Acne realm.

If anyone wants their face to look good, they should adopt a routine which involves: Washing their faces twice a day with clean water and Using Good Genes product three times a week.

Riley has made sure that all products are available to make someone look great from the facial looks to hair to nails hence she has established Juno product.

Isabel Dos Santos a Women Advocate

Isabel Dos Santos is the richest women in Africa. She was born in Baku, Azerbaijan in April of 1973. She is the eldest daughter of Jose Eduardo Dos Santos a president who ruled from 1979 to 2017. Her net worth is 2.2 billion. She is a self-reliant business women, entrepreneur, and private investor. She studied electrical engineering at Kings College London.


Isabel Dos Santos has invested in Portuguese companies like TV firm Nos SGPS and Telecom. She gave a speech at The Yale Undergraduate Association for Peace and Development (YAAPD) located in New Haven, CT. She spoke about sustainability, business, technology, democracy, and identity. (instagram)


As a child Isabel Dos Santos was taught to make her own individual decisions and to make her own path. She is the only girl sibling in her family and she was educated to be competitive and progressive like the males in her family. Therefore, she encourages other women to empower themselves and their daughters. She encourages women to not be intimidated by the male dominated corporate world or in any field and to be persistent.


She inspires parents to teach their daughters to be independent and let them be themselves and build responsibility and confidence in them. “Treat her as an independent person and a whole human being with a true role in society” Isabel stated. She believes teaching girls how to manage their finances and salary at a young age is crucial to their future and survival.


Isabel Dos Santos believes in social responsibility and giving back. She has multiple charities she engages in. “My vision is that to have a better society; it’s important for us to give back and help others” she said. Her company donates to children’s pediatric hospital, she has the largest nationwide campaign to eradicate malaria a common know illness in Africa. She supports clean water initiatives in poor communities. She has a special day for sick or underprivileged kids, her company provides fun and extraordinary activities or events that the kids would otherwise not be able experience. This special day includes 10,000 kids across the country.