Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly studied at the University of Fordham where he pursued his Master’s and then got a job at Bankers Trust. His business role at the organization was that of being the assistant portfolio manager. He then continued growing his experience in the finance, banking and legal industries over the years, while holding executive positions at the firms where he worked. At some point in his career, even the biggest firms sought to hire him as he had created a reputation through his commendable work. This saw him working part-time for different firms where for some he was involved in controlling their hedge funds, and others he was just a member of the board and was handy especially during the decision making processes.

2009 saw Paul gain a lot of popularity for his financial advice that he gave his clients during the period when the stocks were selling at an extreme low: market inflection. For the longest time, he was known for trading wisely during such times and in most cases he was always right. He, therefore, enrolled for the Stock Exchange’s Templeton Foundation competition. At the competition, Paul Mampilly turned $50 million into $88 million which made him the winner with a gain of 76% which was the highest. The Wall Street pace of expert Paul Mampilly, however, began fading and he now wanted to spend most of his time with his family and friends.

This saw him quitting form his main hustle of working with the big New Yorker firms as it was wearing him down. He made the decision to work with small startup firms and individual investors who would on a normal case find it hard to afford expensive financial an investor advise that he had been offering for years. In his recent interview, he points out that this was the most fulfilling part of his career as he felt that he could now have an impact on the lives of many people indiscriminately. He also publishes his investment newsletter which is a monthly issue which he uses as his medium of financial advice. Paul Mampilly is also featured on different business T.V. channels in the United States such as the Fox Business news, CNBC, as well as Bloomberg.

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