How Lincolnshire Management Helps With Acquisitions of Companies

Lincolnshire Management (Lincolnshire) started in 1986. Holley Performance Products (Holley) started in 1903. Holley provides automotive products for the automotive aftermarket. Holley is well known throughout the United States. There many brands associated with the Holley brand such as MSD, Edge, Superchips and many more. Holley is considered the largest designer in performance automotive aftermarket. Holley was sold to an affiliate of Sentinel Capital Partners.

Lincolnshire Management is a private equity firm who looks to acquire companies found in middle markets that exist in a variety of industries. They are responsible for over $1.7 billion in equity capital. They help Holly add value to their company and make them a viable option for a sale according to the CEO of Holley, Tom Tomlinson, Lincolnshire help the growth of Holley. Lincolnshire was able to contribute to the growth of Holley in five years. Lincolnshire Management was able to understand what Holley offered and recognized some of the obstacles Holley needed to overcome to become a better company.

Lincolnshire Management recognizes Holley has a good brand portfolio and a good Management team. According to TJ Maloney, the CEO of Lincolnshire, the good brand portfolio and management team helped Holley become a good investment opportunity for those looking to invest in a company that is entrenched in the car culture in the United States. Holley has been in a partnership since 2013. They have focused on making an investment in new product development. There was an acquisition strategy in place that led to business growth. Lincolnshire Management noticed the connections Holley had with enthusiast and the ability to adapt to technological changes and changes in consumer preferences. It helped Holley increase its revenue and earnings. See more about the firm’s portfolio here

Lincolnshire Management was able to help Holley reach more enthusiast that exist in a lifestyle market they have served for years by showing Holley how to add value to their company. Lincolnshire Management made it a point to become very knowledgeable of products sold by Holley. Lincolnshire Management also was aware of what type of consumer purchased Holly’s products. My understanding a few things about Holly, Lincolnshire better serve them and matched the company that would benefit from the product line and audience of Holley.

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