Tempus: Eric Lefkofsky’s Contribution to Cancer Care

Electronic health care has become increasingly used in the healthcare industry now that many companies are realizing its potential. One specific advancement in electronic health care, big data analytics has the capacity to not only create efficiency, but save lives in the process. One program, founded by Eric Lefkofsky in the year 2015 has been designed to revolutionize how data for cancer patients is used to optimize and create a more personalized approach to treatments.

The program, Tempus, is now one of the largest databases in the field of health care, compiling information such as molecular and clinical data. The molecular data is set in the form of Genomics, which lets the program analyze the data through tests and thus best understand the patient’s condition at a molecular level. The clinical data includes notes, lap reports, scans, and pathology images, which can be combined to determine the specifics of a patient’s condition: the phenotypic, therapeutic, and outcomes data.

The program’s vast amount of data could not have been possible without the company’s partnerships including the NYU School of Medicine. One of the program’s recurring issues is the issue of privacy because everyone’s data goes into one collection. However, studies have shown that patients were often willing to give their personal information if they felt it was for a reasonable cause. Tempus has proven to be an innovation in cancer care and Lefkofsky believes that it has the potential to assist doctors in giving each patient the care they truly need. Read More.

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