Jed McCaleb Looks Towards Artificial Intelligence

Jed McCaleb created eDonkey and Mt. Gox. He worked hard to use his knowledge to do big things. He founded Ripple in 2011, and he went on to co-found in 2014. This man has dreams that are large and he follows after those dreams. He knows what it is that he wants from life, and he knows how to bring all of that into being.

When Jed McCaleb was questioned about what a typical day looks like for him, he shared that he has two different modes that he will get into. When he is in the one, he will work on coding and that kind of work. When he is in the other, he will work on responding to emails and taking on such tasks. This man does not live in the same way every day. He spends time doing different things depending on what he feels like doing at the time.

When Jed McCaleb was questioned about a trend that makes him excited, he shared that artificial intelligence is just that. He shared that artificial intelligence is something that not only gets him excited but it is something that he finds to be a bit scary, as well. He believes that artificial intelligence is growing and advancing and that the things that are done using it now are nothing like what is going to be done with it in the future.

Jed McCaleb is someone who takes the time to think about all that he has done and to figure out if he should have done things in a different way. When he was asked if there are things that he would change about the past and his path to get where he is, he shared that there certainly are. There are ways that he would live differently if he could turn back time.

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