Jeff Herman’s Tips For Protecting Your Children From Abuse

Jeff Herman is an attorney and advocate for victims of rape, sexual abuse, and exploitation, who offers parent’s advice on how to spot sexual predators. Children are an easy target for predators. They either don’t know they are being abused, or they feel guilty about it. Through education, open lines of communication, and healthy boundaries, parents can protect their children.


Jeff Herman’s advocacy on protecting sexual abuse in children earned the moniker “Child’s Champion. He’s even shared some useful tips for parents to protect their children from sexual abuse. Some of which are below:


The first step Jeff Herman recommends is to tell your kids about what is acceptable to talk about, so that they can recognize when someone is going too far. Teach your kids that they have the right to say no and that nobody should make them feel uncomfortable by touching them. Teach them that even someone who pretends to be a friend, still doesn’t have the right to touch them. Be involved in your children’s lives and have multiple conversations with them about abuse and boundaries. Get Related Information Here.


Seasoned predators take advantage of children, so pay close attention to them. Maintain a great relationship and show trust, that way they will open up about what is going on in their lives. Obtain all their usernames and passwords so that you can monitor what they’re doing online. Pay attention to the adults in their life that attempt to contact them online. Jeff Herman emphasized to beware of those that want to be around your kids and give them gifts. Look for signs of abuse in your children such as sexual acts with dolls and compulsive masturbation. Look out for habits they had previously outgrown such as bed-wetting and thumb-sucking. They might have depression, nightmares, anger outbursts, or fear of specific people or places. They might even harm themselves as a cry for help. Pay attention to these signs, because your child will likely not tell you about any abuse. Sexual victims are groomed by their predators to trust them, so they might be confused about the situation. Internet interactions and real world situations tend to overlap, so don’t be afraid to check what they’re doing online.


He founded and is a Managing Partner of Jeff Herman Law and made its watchword “VOICE FOR VICTIMS.” n 2013, Jeff Herman was named “Child Advocate of the Year” by KidSafe Foundation during their 4th Annual Fundraiser. He has been referred to in the media as the “Dark Knight”, fighting for the most vulnerable victims. Herman has also been referred to as the “legal eagle” and the “Go-To-Guy” for sexual abuse lawsuits.