End Citizens United Endorses Dr. Tipirneni in Arizona’s 8th Congressional District

End Citizens United has made it their mission to help fight back against the disastrous Trump Administration in order to bring some level of power back to the people. Through the first year and change of President Trump’s role as President of the United States, the country has taken several major steps backward. Now, in 2018, there is a real chance for the regular people of America to win back a little bit of the ground that was ceded to Trump’s dangerous, violent, and unqualified regime. This change is coming by way of the 2018 Congressional Elections which will prove to be some of the most fundamentally important elections in the recent history of the nation. End Citizens United is doing their part to tout candidates who are willing to go toe to toe with the establishment in order to bring representation back to the people.

End Citizens United is a political action committee that has been committed to raising money and awareness so that they could fight back against dark money flooding into politics. End Citizens United gets their name from the 2010 SCOTUS amendment regarding Citizens United, a conservative propaganda movement that wanted to allow more money into the world of politics. ECU has been championing campaign finance reform for years now and they are raising serious money to help candidates who are willing to push for reformation themselves. Most recently, End Citizens United endorsed Dr. Hiral Tipirneni for Arizona’s 8th Congressional District.

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Dr. Hiral Tipirneni will be participating in the Special Election that Arizona is throwing on April 24th. Dr. Tipirneni won the endorsement of End Citizens United after vowing to fight for campaign finance reform while refusing to accept any PAC money of their own. Tiffany Muller, President of End Citizens United, released a statement of endorsement coinciding with their announcement. Muller praised Dr. Tipirneni for rejecting corporate money during her campaign and for being willing to fight back against the rigged system that Washington has been coalescing into since the 2010 SCOTUS decision regarding Citizens United.

Dr. Tipirneni echoed the sentiment put forth by End Citizens United in her own statement. Dr. Tipirneni pointed out that Washington’s major issue right now is the influx of dark money, lobbyists, and special donors who seek to take legislative control away from the American people and for use with their own gain. Dr. Tipirneni will need End Citizens United to help compete against the influx of corporate money that is backing conservative candidates in the special election.