Showing Why America Is Great, Doe Deere

Doe Deere was born in Russia but had the American dream within her from a young age. When she was 17 her family moved to the US with hopes of a better life than what they could find in Russia. Doe moved to New York with her mother and sister. None of them knew what was in store for them but they knew that most anything was possible if they worked for it. The famous quote “if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere” offered encouragement for Doe. Without ever being in New York before, they knew that they would either thrive or fail and were all prepared to work hard to make it.

Despite a good work ethic and her mother’s life savings, they found that wasn’t enough to keep them afloat. The found themselves homeless. They worked hard and saved money while wondering if they would ever get back to being self sufficient. Doe dreamed about being a fashion designer and began creating her ideas on paper. A social worker put them in touch with a non-profit organization that helped female immigrants who found themselves in bad situations. Doe said that Dorchen Leidholdt saw their potential and knew that with a bit of help they would be independent quickly.

Leidholdt helped her mom get her first job as an accountant here in the US and helped Doe get into the Fashion Institute of Technology. Leidholdt also helped Doe’s little sister get into Columbia University where she graduated with honors. Over the coming years Doe working on creating her own makeup company named Lime Crime which employs several dozen people. After it’s success she created Poppyangeloff, a popular jewelry line. Despite the challenges America offered, Doe is very is grateful for the opportunities in America and understands why immigrants are willing to risk everything to come here. She reminds people that not all Americans start out as Americans but could very well help make America great.

Doe Deer: Interview Recap and Information

Information will be displayed regarding Doe Deere and a company she is CEO of with called Lime Crime Cosmetic. Deere was born in Russia. She didn’t come to America until she was the age of seventeen. She currently lives in Los Angeles and used to live in New York City. Deere has started being in the business world since she was the age of thirteen. She would sell the then novelty temporary tattoos, she had a lot of enjoyment doing it.


When she moved to New York she had a great dream to become a musician. Indeed, that is what she became. But, she ended up being in the makeup industry instead and considered it beautiful. But, going back to the world of music, that’s actually how she met her boyfriend and now husband. When she was in a band with him they learned how to work together in songwriting and promoting the band, being a songwriter was a good beginning. From that experience, they learned to work really well with each other.


A piece of advice that has helped her is: follow your heart. She believes there is something special about everyone, it can be a type of unique quality or skill that just belongs to them. Also, when it gets tuned in that’s when the blossoming happens and when the truest potential becomes reached. Also, she says it is important to go to the places that you love the most.


Deere has been gravitating towards colors which were unusual and bright at the same time. But, when she was looking for them back in 2008 she discovered that they were tough to look for. This was because the makeup industry was really into the super natural look. Since she wasn’t able to find them, she decided to create her own instead. The type of makeup ended up being popular to many girls, due to that the company had become profitable.


Deere sees something important in the women who purchase Lime crime. That is the freedom of expressing themselves without getting worried about being judged. Finally, according to her we show expression of ourselves like what we apply on our face and how what we do to our hair.


Now, some general information regarding Doe Deere. The main mission of hers is to provide proof that cosmetics do more than just cover imperfections. It is more a form of self-expression and freedom. Doe is also a zealous supporter of other entrepreneurship and businesses owned by women.


Deere has spoken at various public events. At these events, she speaks on following ambition on following the ambitions you have as well as your voice. She also has a love for assisting female entrepreneurs with desire, and also welcoming them to keep in touch for her advice through the social program of “Instagram”. An important goal Deere has is to keep on creating and innovating a great experience of shopping for the lovers of makeup over the world.


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Doe Deere

Doe Deere is the CEO of the Lime Crime company.On May 11,2017 she announced that she will be offering kitty bundles.20% of the kitty bundles sales will be donated to Kitty Bungalow.This organization based in Los Angeles takes abandoned cats from the streets,rehabilitating them,teach them how to interact with people and teach them how to use a litter box.Non of the Lime crime’s products are tested on animals and it is 100% vegan.Doe Deere and her workers love animals a lot and always want to give back to this organization.These are the kitty bundles to choose. Learn more:

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The bundles have bright and bold colors.These kitties can be purchased on the Lime Crime Website.Kitty Bungalow for abandoned cats was founded by Headmistress Simon after finding many cats living in her 100-year-old home.The cats lacked nurturing which led to them reproducing on regular basis.She really needed to prevent the reproducing and took them for nurturing.In 2009 she applied for non profit status in Los Angeles to start kitty bungalow.She spends time with the cats and kittens gotten from the streets and nurtures them until they are adopted by good people.The cats housed at Kitty Bungalow have a Curriculum.They ensure that the cats are friendly to humans without using cages.Forced love is used to rehabilitate the cats.After graduating the cats are fully ready for adoption.The organization keeps going through donations for example Doe Deere and Lime Crime.Doe Deere also known as The Unicorn Queen was born in Russia and moved to New York with her parents.She later started selling cosmetics on eBay and sooner started her own cosmetics line.Being a lover of lime,she started Lime Crime in 2008.Doe Deere encourages women to live a life that has fulfillment of their dreams so as to be successful.One of Lime crime’s mission is to revolutionize make-up from how its shopped to how it makes one feel.Lime Crime has been certified Vegan Cruelty-Free by PETA & Leaping Bunny. Learn more: