Ara Chackerian helping depression patient recover quickly

Ara Chackerian is a philanthropist, entrepreneur, and angel investor. He is interested in services and health tech. He has two years’ experience working in the healthcare companies. He has worked for Embion, BMC diagnostics, and PipelineRX. He is not only a successful entrepreneur but takes part in environmental causes. Chackerian has invested in a Teak plantation in Nicaragua. He has been an investor for more than twenty years.

As an investor, he invested in TMS health solutions. He has also been a board member in numerous start-ups in San Francisco. He is also the co-founder of BMC diagnostics. Chackerian has also worked as an executive chairman of pipeline health holdings. He decided to invest in the field after the rise in digital healthcare. TMS health solutions are the leading in providing transcranial magnetic stimulation. The stimulation is FDA approved, highly effective and non-invasive alternative for patients who do not respond to the oral antidepressants. Ara Chackerian and his partner are qualified and capable of delivering quality services. TMS has helped many patients recover from depression.

Ending the stigma of suicide is one of the articles that Ara Chackerian has written on medium. In the article he talks about suicide being a threat but a topic that no one wants to talks about. He believes that people do not know how to react to suicide. There are even celebrities who have committed suicide despite their being successful and seeming happy. However, people have started to share their stories on dealing with depression. Chackerian believes that it is necessary to seek help when one has a suicidal mind. The only way he advises to end the stigma of suicide is to communicate about the situation with a professional. It is only after an individual has opened up that they can be helped.