Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home

Sussex Healthcare recently announced that it would be hiring a new CEO for the company. Amanda Morgan-Taylor is expected to offer experience from a variety of organizations that she has previously worked with. Before she was officially appointed to the role, she spent a few months becoming more familiar with the organization and how she would go about instituting her newest agenda. This gave her a pretty big head start by the time she officially stepped into the role. She was able to figure out just how the company was performing and was certain about what she needed to work on the most.

Taylor decided that it would be best to start by establishing a new director position, one geared towards service improvement. However, Taylor is no stranger to delegating these types of tasks. In fact, she spent over 30 years in the health care sector where she was able to work with several organizations. In 1984, she worked as a Mental Health Nurse. And since this time, she has served in leadership positions and earned a stellar reputation.

Sussex expects that Taylor will bring a lot of healthy change to the company. More specifically, they believe that her innovation will help them reach a whole new level of success. Taylor has made a commitment to work with the senior management to ensure that the company is able to reach its goals.


Sussex Healthcare has over 20 centers spread out across the United Kingdom. These facilities serve to help the elderly, those who suffer with dementia and neurological disorders, as well as those who struggle with disabilities. This award-winning company is dedicated to providing all of the necessary treatment to make sure that their residents have a great quality of life.

This is why they offer as much customized care as possible. For instance, the nutrition plans are tailored specifically to the needs of the residents. The fitness training is also tailored to the exact needs of the residents, with all having access to their own personal trainers.

Sussex works to ensure that its staff has the best of training. This enables them to render service that is based on compassion, dedication and caring. Taylor recently paid a visit to all 20 Sussex facilities. She spoke with the staff, residents, and the family of residents to get a better idea of the things that she would need to do in order to make sure the facility offers even better service.