How Jojo Hedaya Completely Changed the Face Of Your Email


Let’s face it, a crowded email is one of the most disturbing things you are trying to contain. With the rise in email subscriptions, most people have found it difficult to trace some of the important emails that are stuck among loads of other not-so-necessary emails. It is this urge to find a solution to this problem that led to the creation of Unroll.Me, an application that tries to organize your email to meet your desires.

Co-founded by Jojo Hedaya, has been helpful to people who previously found it difficult to keep up with crucial messages sent to their emails. In a statement, Hedaya said that the struggle his business partner went through trying to locate his emails sparked the idea to create this app. Maybe one is wondering how Unroll.Me manages to keep unimportant emails at bay. It is so simple; goes through your emails and is able to gather all your email subscriptions into a single mail. Jojo Hedaya and his partner decided to call this solo email “The Rollup”.

The existence of “Rollup” has made it easy for people to rush through their emails. One can within a heartbeat unsubscribe from unnecessary subscriptions. It also allows users to select an appropriate time “The Rollup” arrives in their inbox. See This Article to learn more.

After being acquired by Rakuten, Slice, a shopping and package tracking app recently bought Unroll.Me. With the help of an app, Slice usually collects and organizes data from user’s electronic receipts in the emails. Slice can also make a follow-up of the ordered goods.

The acquisition of Unroll.Me underscores the commitment of Rakuten in providing services that improve the shopping experience of the customers. In this era of technology marred with different e-commerce companies, one can only win the hearts of people by coming up with an improved customer experience. According to the management at Rakuten, Unroll.Me, Slice and Ebates can all help them in achieving this goal.

The acquisition of by Slice will help the latter to consolidate the shopping experience of its users. It will be able to assemble information on shipment and purchasing from different retailers online.


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