Marco Antonio Marques Da Silva Finds New Ways Of Leading The Brazilian Legal System

The judiciary in Brazil is a complex one divided into many different areas to ensure the correct legal expert is always presiding over the right cases. In the area of criminal law procedure, Marco Antonio Marques da Silva has become one of the leading experts in Brazil and Portugal as the two nations share a similar legal system. A growing number of cases are being heard by the educator who still holds a tenured position at the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo.


One of the main reasons for the knowledge and success of Marco Antonio Marques da Silva in the area of law is the fact he has been preparing for his role in Brazil since the age of 15. Marques da Silva made the decision to enter the legal profession in his teens and continues to continue his education even as he holds the esteemed position of Appeal Court Judge.


Much of the academic career of Marco Antonio Marques da Silva has been spent at the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo where he studied for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. However, not wishing to appear stagnant in his approach to the law, the judge also traveled to Portugal’s University of Coimbra to receive his teaching certificate in European Criminal Law Procedure. This trip to Portugal was the first of many as a range of options were explored by the judge who has taken up a range of positions including his membership of the Scientific Council of the Lisbon Law Review.


The respect with which Marco Antonio Marques da Silva is held in the Brazilian legal sector is reflected in the many law-based associations he is part of including the Presidency of the Brazilian Academy of Criminal Law. Even though he has reached a pinnacle in the Brazilian legal profession, Marques da Silva always remains open to taking up as many teaching opportunities as possible at his alma mater of Pontifical Catholic University at Sao Paulo.