Roseann Bennett Incorporates Canine Assisted Therapies


Roseann Bennett has a decade of experience in offering counseling, psychology, and therapy services. She used her experience as an in-home therapist to start the Center for Assessment and Treatment. Her business provides services and ongoing counseling for individuals without the means for payment. Roseann Bennett provides a much needed service for those who experience disenfranchisement.

Roseann Bennett, along with her husband, opened up the Center with their own funds. To this day, the Center has operated successfully through applied efficiency. Roseann Bennett now operates the Center in ways that are most beneficial to clients. She has also been able to avoid the bureaucracy that most businesses must deal with from having received outside funding. Get Related Information Here.

Roseann Bennett, as Executive Director, takes on the responsibility for creating the curriculum for the Center’s programs. She also oversees the day-to-day operations at the Center for Assessment and Treatment. Bennett has a solid resume which includes real-world counseling experience and the techniques and approaches that tend to yield the most positive results. This all leads to success and customer satisfaction.

Currently, Roseann is integrating “Canine Assisted Therapy” with her own practice. It should prove to be a successful integration. Animals have always been able to assist people with numerous tasks. Animals can perform a great service in helping people live more productive and engaged lives. As such, scientists are beginning to examine closely the relationship between humans and animals. There are numerous benefits of pet ownership for many owners.

Roseann Bennett is a business owner and entrepreneur on the move. Bennett is setting a standard for how creative therapy and counseling can help people. Hopefully, it will catch on in the industry.

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