Fashion’s Agency: Brown Modeling Agency

When someone thinks of Texas, cowboys and cattle and cowboy boots may come to mind. But the Brown Agency is making sure the talented people in Texas will be known worldwide for their impeccable talent. This modeling agency is a leader in Texas serving the fashion, entertainment and advertising industries.


The Wilhelmina Austin Company acquired the Brown Modeling Agency. This Texas modeling agency is ran by president and chief executive officer James Brown. James Brown has his very own experience in the modeling world. He worked his way through college by modeling. The business management major was more interested in what went on behind the scenes. After college, he began training models for the professional arena of modeling. He started developing and placing models to work like professionals. The thirty-five year old is still doing that. At the Brown Modeling Agency, James and his staff of seven guide and direct nearly five hundred talented people. He is the leading force of this modeling company and is keeping his company’s promise to their models by bringing the necessary training and opportunities for job placement.


The Brown Modeling Agency is one of the top modeling agency’s in the Austin, Texas area. It arrived in the lone star state in the spring of 2010 to serve the area’s budding commercial and modeling talent. This Texan agency is apart of the Brown Modeling Agency family. When the agency came to town, their goal was to establish big market standards that had not been seen in Austin. That is exactly what the agency is accomplishing.


The Brown Modeling Agency has given their models job opportunities to work with thousands of companies. The success does not stop there. The agency has placed their models in job opportunities with major companies like Dell, Toyota, Loreal and Louis Vuitton. The talent of this agency has graced some of the most well known runways in fashion: Miami Swim Week, Dallas Fashion Week, Austin Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week. You can visit their website



The Brown Modeling Agency sets the standard on providing the only best talent for jobs, preparing their talent for larger markets and keeping professionalism and elegance in their work they are doing in Austin and also with their work they are doing worldwide. The Wilhelmina Austin Company states that the Brown Agency will be one of their most valuable acquisitions yet. That is absolutely believable with the agency’s talent constantly growing and constantly being spotted in some of fashion’s major brands.The Brown Modeling Agency is always seeking talent and with the reputation the agency has formed, we are sure the agency will have no problem garnering and grooming new models for their fierce futures in fashion and modeling.



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