Isabel Dos Santos a Women Advocate

Isabel Dos Santos is the richest women in Africa. She was born in Baku, Azerbaijan in April of 1973. She is the eldest daughter of Jose Eduardo Dos Santos a president who ruled from 1979 to 2017. Her net worth is 2.2 billion. She is a self-reliant business women, entrepreneur, and private investor. She studied electrical engineering at Kings College London.


Isabel Dos Santos has invested in Portuguese companies like TV firm Nos SGPS and Telecom. She gave a speech at The Yale Undergraduate Association for Peace and Development (YAAPD) located in New Haven, CT. She spoke about sustainability, business, technology, democracy, and identity. (instagram)


As a child Isabel Dos Santos was taught to make her own individual decisions and to make her own path. She is the only girl sibling in her family and she was educated to be competitive and progressive like the males in her family. Therefore, she encourages other women to empower themselves and their daughters. She encourages women to not be intimidated by the male dominated corporate world or in any field and to be persistent.


She inspires parents to teach their daughters to be independent and let them be themselves and build responsibility and confidence in them. “Treat her as an independent person and a whole human being with a true role in society” Isabel stated. She believes teaching girls how to manage their finances and salary at a young age is crucial to their future and survival.


Isabel Dos Santos believes in social responsibility and giving back. She has multiple charities she engages in. “My vision is that to have a better society; it’s important for us to give back and help others” she said. Her company donates to children’s pediatric hospital, she has the largest nationwide campaign to eradicate malaria a common know illness in Africa. She supports clean water initiatives in poor communities. She has a special day for sick or underprivileged kids, her company provides fun and extraordinary activities or events that the kids would otherwise not be able experience. This special day includes 10,000 kids across the country.