The Advantage That Richard Liu Qiangdong Had By Possessing Some Skills in Computer Programming


Despite having grand ambitions of joining the helm of the political class in China, Richard Liu Qiangdong’s dreams were shuttered by the high unemployment rate in his home country. This was after he had completed his college education at the People’s University of Beijing and found that there were no employment opportunities that were readily available to absorb him.

An interview called “An Insight, An Idea” sits down with Richard Liu to discuss his career and how he has transformed the retail industry. His company is now one of the largest retailers in all of China and it has been very successful.

Like any other young school leaver, Richard Liu Qiangdong had no idea that he would become the prominent businessperson that he is today. After completion and staying for a while without any invitation for employment, he decided that he would start a business, which would sustain his needs and those of his fiancé, whom he had found a few years earlier. He began a restaurant business using some money that he had saved while in campus, together with a loan that he took from his family’s business. See This Article for more information.

Unfortunately, the hotel business never turned out as he had expected. It kicked off with a considerable loss, which persuaded the closure of the firm. He was left with a lot of debt that he had accumulated from the time he established the restaurant to the point at which the business collapsed. Things turned out very rough on him, but he never despaired. Liu believed that he had a lot more to achieve in life and hence he decided to try another venture.

During his college life, Richard Liu Qiangdong had obtained some computer programming skills, which he had enhanced by solving programming challenges for his fellow students at a small charge. These were the skills that he decided that he would try to invest and see whether things would be better for him. He opened a store that he would use to supply technology software and hardware for the tech clients in Beijing. This shop thrived very well to the extent that he decided to open some branches in the city and also in other parts of the country.

The business remained physical until in 2003 after the outbreak of SARS. This outbreak adversely affected the production of the firm, and hence Richard Liu Qiangdong decided to transform the store into an online store. He also renamed it from JingDong to become JD.Com.


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GreenSky delivers prime borrowers to lenders on silver platter

GreenSky credit has become one of the most successful companies within the world of fintech. And it has done this through creating huge value for all of the parties to its transactions.

The company was founded in 2006 by David Zalik, a serial entrepreneur who had been working with some of the biggest companies in the home improvement space. Zalik saw a golden opportunity in the niche market of high-end home remodeling projects. Many of these projects cost in the high-five- to low-six-figure range. And this meant that the vast majority of customers who were looking to carry these projects out were prime to ultra-prime borrowers, with many customers having FICO scores of 800 points or higher.

Putting it together

Zalik knew that these customers would make ideal borrowers for a number of the largest lenders in the nation. In fact, because he had extensive knowledge of the banking industry, Zalik correctly foresaw that he would be able to easily convince some of the largest lenders in the country to partner with him and loan money to these borrowers. He also knew that he would be able to negotiate loan terms that were among the best in the business due to the fact that he would be able to bring his lending partners huge volumes of business.

This turned out to be right. GreenSky now partners with some of the largest and most trusted lenders in the country, including Fifth-Third Bancorp, Region’s Bank and Sun Trust. The company is able to loan amounts of up to six figures on incredible terms. GreenSky loans usually require no payments or interest for the first full year. After that, rates can kick up as high as to 18 percent. But the vast majority of GreenSky customers pay off their loans before the higher rates ever kick in.

At the same time, the company’s customers get a fantastic value by being able to finish their home improvement projects, which often add far more to the value of their homes than the projects themselves cost.

How Jojo Hedaya Completely Changed the Face Of Your Email


Let’s face it, a crowded email is one of the most disturbing things you are trying to contain. With the rise in email subscriptions, most people have found it difficult to trace some of the important emails that are stuck among loads of other not-so-necessary emails. It is this urge to find a solution to this problem that led to the creation of Unroll.Me, an application that tries to organize your email to meet your desires.

Co-founded by Jojo Hedaya, has been helpful to people who previously found it difficult to keep up with crucial messages sent to their emails. In a statement, Hedaya said that the struggle his business partner went through trying to locate his emails sparked the idea to create this app. Maybe one is wondering how Unroll.Me manages to keep unimportant emails at bay. It is so simple; goes through your emails and is able to gather all your email subscriptions into a single mail. Jojo Hedaya and his partner decided to call this solo email “The Rollup”.

The existence of “Rollup” has made it easy for people to rush through their emails. One can within a heartbeat unsubscribe from unnecessary subscriptions. It also allows users to select an appropriate time “The Rollup” arrives in their inbox. See This Article to learn more.

After being acquired by Rakuten, Slice, a shopping and package tracking app recently bought Unroll.Me. With the help of an app, Slice usually collects and organizes data from user’s electronic receipts in the emails. Slice can also make a follow-up of the ordered goods.

The acquisition of Unroll.Me underscores the commitment of Rakuten in providing services that improve the shopping experience of the customers. In this era of technology marred with different e-commerce companies, one can only win the hearts of people by coming up with an improved customer experience. According to the management at Rakuten, Unroll.Me, Slice and Ebates can all help them in achieving this goal.

The acquisition of by Slice will help the latter to consolidate the shopping experience of its users. It will be able to assemble information on shipment and purchasing from different retailers online.


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Gareth Henry a Valuable Resourse in Private Credit Investing

Private credit investing, although risky, potentially can result in higher returns and in enhanced yield. Some risks involved in private credit investing involve management capacity, legal jurisdiction, style drift, and leverage. To assure clients in the industry’s goals are achieved experts, such as Gareth Henry; with extensive experience in private credit and alternative investments, offer services that are growing in popularity as private credit investing becomes more common.

These services include staying up to date on any new developments or trends in the field as well as constantly communicating with clients; with Gareth Henry making an average of 8 to 10 calls with clients and also having about 2 in person meetings daily. Communicating with clients is extremely important because of the economic cycle, during different stages of the economic cycle; such as an economic downturn or recovery, different private credit investing strategies may benefit or suffer.

Well educated and experienced leaders in the industry, such as Gareth Henry a graduate of the University of Edinburgh of Scotland, are a valuable resources to investment firms and clients alike. A direct reflection of the financial ability in the industry to reach their goals thru innovative methods is the growing opportunities in private investing. Depending on the goals and circumstances of the firms and clients different forms of private credit, such as capital appreciation strategies, distressed credit, senior loans, business development companies, specialty finance, and mezzanine loans, may be utilized through investments. After Gareth Henry graduated, studying Actuarial mathematics, he went to work for Global Investment Firm Schroeder’s for several years until moving to the United States in the year 2007 to do work with the Fortress Investment Group.

Since then Gareth Henry has became the managing director of The Fortress Investment Group overseeing wealth and pension funds of the company, insurance relationships with other countries, and marketing in the United States, Middle East, and Europe. Since the year 2016 he has became a global head for Investors Relations and through his leadership helped the company raise capital for itself and other firms worldwide utilizing his skills learned throughout the industry to help the firm grow through organization of sales.

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Michael Burwell Brings Three Decades Of Experience To Willis Towers Watson


In the month of October in the year 2017, Willis Towers Watson announced that Michael Burwell would be taking over the role of Chief Financial Officer of their India venture. In the year and two months that he has been serving this company, he has proven to be quite the asset.

Michael Burwell is a graduate of the University of the State of Michigan where he got his BBA and was not so recently named the Alumnus of the year. Michael brings with him to Willis Towers Watson more than three decades of experience working for an almost similar firm and popular also.


Michael Burwell’s three decades at Pricewaterhouse Coopers

Michael started working at Pricewaterhouse Coopers at a young age. It goes without saying that he started out at junior positions before making his way to the leadership roles in the firm. For more than a decade, Michael worked with audit clients of the firm at the assurance sector of the firm. It was after 11 years of impeccable work that he finally got the promotion to the role of partner in the firm’s Detroit Transaction Service sector in the year 1997.

To Michael, this was a chance to prove himself and so he worked tirelessly to make his work impeccable. His hard work did not go unnoticed; soon he was promoted to the head of the firm’s central region. This was the beginning of his good fortune; it did not take long for the firm to grant him yet another promotion to the role of head of the entire Transaction service in the United States.

The year 2007 was a big year for Michael Burwell. This was when Pricewaterhouse Coopers named him the Chief Financial Officer as well as the Chief Operating Officer barely a year after becoming the CFO. Half a decade later, he became the Vice Chairperson of the firm’s the United States and Global Transactions.

For years he also worked as a senior relationship partner for a number of clients in the firm before becoming a full-on partner in the year 2016. He resigned from the company in 2017 and took on the role at Willis Towers Watson almost immediately.


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Stream Energy Featured On

Stream Energy has become engaged in philanthropy in a way to let the citizens in their community and their customers know that they care. Offering support and relief to those affected by Hurricane Harvey which left devastation and flooding in the city of Dallas, Texas. Providing relief, including financial relief to the residents and stream customers goes hand in hand with Stream Energy’s corporate and philanthropic values. Stream has long been a partner of The Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity. The corporation launched its charity “Stream Cares” in 2018.

The Stream Energy employees and leadership have been instrumental in bringing their support and caring spirit to many in the community. One such outpouring of support was in leading the scope to bring homeless children for an outing at a local water park through the Stream Energy partnership with Hope Supply Company, a company that provides money, diapers, school supplies and other basic necessities to the homeless children and their parents in the community which has been in partnership with Stream Energy for a number of years.

Stream Energy has designed its business model with a concern for the community as well as bolstering sales for their business in mind. The associates and employees who work for Stream work within the community promoting energy products, mobile home plans, plans that provide telemedicine and remote doctors and so on. The Stream associates build up a network of loyal customers to go along with the connected living concept of Stream.

The Stream associates are essentially entrepreneurs and owners of their own businesses as they are related to the products that they sell for Stream. The plight of the homeless is a particular priority in the area of charitable work and giving for the associates of stream.

Stream sees giving back to the community as a recipe for success in their industry.

Charlamagne Tha God’s Self Made Career


Charlamagne tha God has become a figure recognized by many for his place within the entertainment community. Best known for the time that he spent on the Wendy Williams show, and the fact that he is now a host on the talk radio show The Breakfast club, Charlamagne has built his career with his bare hands out of essentially nothing. Having spent a minor amount of time behind bars, upon his release, Lenard Larry Mckelvey took an internship at a radio station. It was not long before he found himself in a host chair, and had not left it since.

Charlamagne has many endeavors in the works, along with his role on The Breakfast Club, he is also the Executive Producer of CThaGod World LLC, and co-host of the Brilliant Idiots podcast.

Charlamagne Tha God is known for his grit in interviews, never shying away from the tough topics when speaking with celebrities on his various shows. Charlamagne fearlessly drives the national dialogue on issues in the hip-hop community, racism being alive and well in America, society, and politics, with his unique take on things and his provocative nature.

Building his career on the fact that he is willing to ask questions that most wouldn’t dare, Charlamagne Tha God has a habit of touching on those subjects that most would rather leave well enough alone. This is exactly what has made The Breakfast Club show as successful as it is. According to Akon (who has been a guest on the show) if an individual is “somebody” and want to stay that way, they end up in the hot seat on the show.

An important part of Charlemagne story is remembering what it took to get him where he is now. As living proof that no matter who you are or where you come from, you can still do and be anything that you want to, Charlamagne recognizes how much he has grown in his career when faced with situations such as a recent interview he conducted with Hilary Clinton. Visit This Page to learn more.


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Charlamagne Tha Go Cancels TimesTalk Interview With Kanye West


In April, Charlamagne Tha God, Breakfast Club’s long-time talk show host, and radio personality sat down to an interview with Kanye West which was two hours in length once all was said and done. During this interview, the pair discussed Kanye’s 2016 mental health issues that had landed him in the hospital at that time, wherein the artist attributed his “breakdown” as being caused by lack of sleep, although having been clinically diagnosed as being bipolar.


More recently, the two had agreed to another intervied that was rather highly publicized. Charlamagne Tha God was again set to interview Kanye on a segment of TimesTalk, gear towards mental health and normalizing mental health issue within the black community. It was an interview that Charlamagne had high hopes for, given the fact that both men had experienced their own versions of issues revolving around mental health struggles.


However, the Monday prior to the Wednesday the interview was set to take place, Charlamagne announced the fact that he was choosing to cancel it via Twitter. Per the announcement, Charlamagne Tha God did not believe that the timing was right for such a discussion to be beneficial or productive. Although he does not express a solid explanation for the cancellation, reports cite Kanye’s recent visit to the White House and meeting with President Trump to be a possible reason.


During their meeting, Kanye West expressed his support of the President, also sporting attire that showed that support. Footage of the meeting was released to the public wherein Kanye goes into an in-depth explanation of his decision to support Trump’s campaign. Go Here for more information.


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Richard Liu Qiangdong: A Company That Consumers Can Trust


There is an interview with featuring well-known businessman Richard Liu and his interviewer David Rubenstein. In this interview, they talk about the creation of Richard Liu Qiangdong’s company Jingdong Mall, or as it is more commonly known The success that Liu has seen in the world of business has been something that is mildly unprecedented. He has grown his company from absolutely nothing to one of the go-to retailers for Chinese customers. This interview was an attempt to shed light on the business practices that he feels have been most beneficial to his development.

One of the most serious questions that David Rubenstein asks Richard Liu Qiangdong about is his previous failures in the industry. While some people look at failures as a low point in their life, it is common for successful businessmen to review these failures as an opportunity to learn. Richard Liu explains to David Rubenstein that he believes that his opportunity with a restaurant as a student was one of those times. He explains that the failure of that business was due to the fact that he was unprepared for the role and did not have the necessary time to meet all of its business obligations. Get More Information Here

Jingdong Mall was a completely different situation. He started it as a small electronics company and moved it to an online business when SARS became a huge problem in China. The online business was very successful. Jingdong Mall had been doing really well as a physical entity but saw widespread permeation. People all over China were looking to to meet their retail needs. It became apparent to Richard Liu very quickly that he would need to expand the products that they offer.

One of the reasons why was so popular was because they offered something that other companies in 2004 did not, peace of mind about their products. A lot of products at the time were coming in to customers as counterfeits and they did not trust online companies. JD Mall changed that sentiment and began offering more widespread products. Richard Liu believes that is one of the cornerstones of the company’s success, creating a trust-bond with the consumers.


View source: Works On Logistics Within A Changing China…, or Jingdong, is the largest retailer in China. China is changing too. It’s becoming more filled with sustainable types of urban development.

The landscape is changing so much that has come up with a really good idea. Why not create a technical institute that is solely dedicated to studying logistics within a given city? Why not have employees, PhD’s, city planners, as well as others gather together in one place where they can eagerly pursue the best possible system for delivering goods as economically as possible from within a “smart city.”

Jingdong Mall has created an institute in Xiongan where data can be stored, and data storage is perhaps the biggest part of the uphill battle when it comes to the field of logistics. At its most basic core, logistics is essentially just the careful study of this data to develop routes/plans that have all the possible headaches pre-removed, if you will.

One interesting aspect of the Logistics center will be its studies into the subterranean transport realm. Underground tracks, or even large pipes, are used to move packages from one spot to another from within such systems. True Logistics involves taking a look at the many ways in which something can be transported whether that something is transported above the ground or below it! Who knows, Jingdong could become to pipe shipping, what Amazon might become to Drone shipping in America. The possibilities are endless. This is especially true when you have a dedicated institute just for logistical studies.

There is a double-sided sword as far as benefits go when utilizing these more economical forms of transporting. Not only does Jingdong gain more satisfied customers, but the urban development that is currently going on within most Chinese cities can not only continue but become part of the retail system.

There is no arguing the fact that Chinese cities are becoming faster and smarter every day. pay careful attention to matters such as optimized logistics and sustainable business practices will be the ones that are integrated the most effectively within these new Chinese city designs. See Related Link to learn more.