What to Know About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a reputable global investment banking company that delivers exemplary services in the corporate finance field. The firm, which is based in Chicago

Illinois, is dedicated to excellence, leadership and customer service in the delivery of these services to both public and private companies. The company has offices in Africa, Asia as well as North America and utilizes its extensive skill-set to provide a wide range of corporate financial services. Some of these services include the administration of hedge funds, equity funds, investment banking and the management of financial assets. The firm is also involved in the provision of premium business valuation services alongside the delivery of financial opinions to its global customers.Madison Street Capital uses a strategic approach in the delivery of the services described above.


Madison Street Capital appreciates the importance of time management in the corporate realm and takes the necessary steps to provide quick responses to its customers and the various business opportunities that arise. The approach used by the company focuses on the development of advanced transactions that allows the owners and the investors to benefit. This approach is combined with the extensive skills, knowledge and experience of the staff to match the needs of the buyers and the sellers. A similar approach is used to align the capitalization system with the unique situation of each customer.


The methodologies used by the company give a reflection of its expertise as well as experience in the diverse realms of corporate finance such as mergers, market pricing, valuations, the structuring of corporate deals and the development of alternative approaches.In the course of its corporate operations, Madison Street Capital has assisted its customers to achieve their goals and objectives within the specified duration.


The company’s quick delivery and response to the needs of the customers has been identified as the fundamental reason for gaining its current leadership position in the advisory and valuations sectors. Its global presence has also enabled the company to develop healthy local relationships with customers across the globe.Madison Street Capital reputation is outstanding hence the many loyal customers.


The well trained, approachable and seasoned professionals that work at Madison Street Capital understand all the unique business situations presented by the customers. For each business situation,the professionals carry out a detailed analysis and provide exact recommendations to ensure that the customer makes the best business decision.The firm is highly recommended for the business people involved in acquisitions,lending, and exit strategies on any issue in corporate governance. Additional information about the company can be found at PR.Com.

Kamil Idris Enlightens Readers On the Importance of Intellectual Property

In his article ‘Making Sense of Modern Laws of Intellectual Property’, Kamil Idris, gives us insight into the government mandated laws that protect and grant exclusive rights to inventors to own their ideas.

Copyrights, trademarks, patents and trade secrets are essential examples of excluding other parties from imitating our ideas and/or inventions. Professor Idris cites economic growth and entrepreneurship as the central reason for such protections. He goes on to explain that without such laws, a certain brand would likely never have gained global recognition as its knock-off competitor would’ve driven profits to himself through similar inventions. Businesses are encouraged to be innovative by being allowed to declare ownership of their products, ideas and services. In fact, the whole concept of intellectual property is of crucial importance as it can affect the overall outcome of businesses, as well as, discourage potential entrepreneurship among aspiring individuals.

Intellectual property has remained a bone of contention that has resulted in an ongoing trade war between the United States of America and China. But if we are to listen to the experts around the world, we’ll know that intellectual property is here to stay. In fact, securing rights to our tangible and intangible property will only get greater and mightier allowing for fresh inventions and innovative thoughts to significantly evolve the business world.

Intellectual property, however, varies from type to type. For example, the Unified Patent Court, is a government bureau operating under the European Union (EU) that secures patents filed by businesses. Taking out patents for our businesses before competitors register them is necessary to avoid intellectual theft. This also helps consolidate our businesses in the EU commerce. However, for proprietors in EU it is extremely difficult to formally register their patents throughout the region; The European Patent Office is responsible for this oversight. Therefore, the European Council and European Parliament introduced the Directive on the Protection of Trade Secrets in 2016 to overcome the problems faced with recognizing or officially regarding registered patents throughout the European countries. Trade Secrets is a patent that varies from the other three types of intellectual property. It grants businesses with trade secrets the leverage to perform normally.

Kamil Idris has served as Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization for 11 years from 1997 to 2008. As a highly accomplished individual, Kamil holds the offices of a Sudanese statesman, scholar and international civil servant. He graduated with LLB honours and received his PhD in international law. He also possesses honorary doctorate law degrees from 19 universities from all over the world. He has authored many books on the subject of intellectual property, international law and development.

William Saito’s Inspirational Story

Despite being born in the USA (in the year 1971), William Saito felt that he still belonged to Japan, his native home. That is why even after being brought up and schooled in the USA, he went back to Japan to offer his services in IT and cybersecurity.

His passion for IT became evident when he was in junior school (at ten years old) when he started developing software. In 10 years’ time, William Saito had been able to develop a whole company which offered solutions to big companies such as Sony and Microsoft. When he was ready to go to Japan, he sold I/O software to Microsoft, for future use in their growth and development.

When he went to Japan, he developed InTecur, which began its operations in 2012. Apart from that, he invested a lot in startups in the field of technology by young people. His passion for young people is evident even from the career paths which he took up. He is currently a university lecturer and a writer.

He is very ambitious and passionate. According to him, that is what has always driven him to become what he is currently. For instance, he was brought up in an English environment, but he still held on to his passion for Japan. In the same way, he was brought up in an environment where he was schooled and groomed for medicine. However, he still ended up venturing into engineering.

William Saito’ s passion for the youth also came up from a very legitimate source. When he became a CEO of his first company, he was still in college. He relied on his passion to drive him towards the direction he felt he ought to take. For instance, he had always had a passion for the fingerprint recognition, in the opening of doors for instance. This is what drove him towards the direction of developing a fingerprint recognition system for the Sony company.

In his books, such as An Unprogrammed Life: Adventures of an Incurable Entrepreneur, he writes stories about himself and the way he was able to make it in the world of entrepreneurship. The support from his parents is also evident. He narrates such in his attempt to become an inspiration to people trading in the same path.


Heather Russell Appointed Chief Legal Officer at TransUnion

Heather Russell is taking her 20 years of assorted talents to TransUnion. On June 4th, she will be engaged in TransUnion’s legal, government affiliation, corporate compliance and governance, and customer privacy functions. This change of events has been welcomed warmly, and she is more than qualified to be in the place that she will be in on June 4th.

Heather Russell has a long history of leadership positions. She has worked at different firms in financial services and regulatory affairs. She also served very important leadership roles at Fifth Third Bank, Bank of New York Mellon, and Bank of America.

Russel has her legal education at American University’s Washington College Of Law and College Of William & Mary.

John Blenke will be stepping down from his position. He will try to assist Russell, aiming for a smooth new legal leader transition.

Russell is also active in multiple industry associations. She has a great influence in the National Women’s Law Center, The ABA Banking Law Committee, and New York and Washington DC bars.

People are thrilled that Russell will be working at TransUnion. Peck mentioned that Heather’s awesome talents and skill are incredibly relevant to TransUnion. He is confident that TransUnion’s leadership team will benefit tremendous with Heather Russel onboard.

TransUnion is the dominant financial technology information and advice producer in several international markets such as North America, Latin America, Asia, and Africa. Through the help of Russell they will become even greater in the near future.

Reference: https://www.bloomberg.com/profiles/people/19351665-heather-russell

DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani On Success

Hussain Sajwani is one of the most respected real estate developers of our time and owner of DAMAC Properties. The United Arab Emirates citizen is the 4th richest Arab in the world according to the 2018 Forbes ranking. The billionaire’s journey started from humble beginnings in his father’s job. Hussain was awarded a government scholarship to study in the United States. He holds a bachelors degree in Economics and Industrial Engineering.

After school, the DAMAC owner was employed for two years before leaving to start his own catering enterprise. The venture has grown to be an international company with clients like the United States military and luxury hotels. Hussain Sajwani’s interest expanded to include property development and in 2002 he started DAMAC Properties. It is ranked as one of the leading property development companies in the world by Forbes Magazine.

DAMAC Properties has developed over 18,000 apartments and has many more listed properties that are in different stages of planning and development. The DAMAC owner has a vast experience in construction, law, finance and entrepreneurship that can be attributed to the growth of the real estate company. According to Hussain Sajwani, learning from failures and success has helped him grow DAMAC Properties to the global giant it is today. He believes in having enthusiastic and empowered employees.

According to aleqt.com, Hussain Sajwani advises people to look back at where they started to have a better focus on where they are headed. The DAMAC owner abides by Jack Welch’s quote that touches on the qualities of a good business leader. According to Jack, the former CEO of GE, excellent business leaders can create, own and express their visions. They are also relentless in achieving the vision.

The DAMAC owner enjoys learning new concepts and believes that this helps him become a better person and view things from various perspectives. He also likes to introduce new elements in his businesses. The advent, growth and significance of online marketing through social media is one digital trend that amazes Hussain Sajwani. He admits to having popular newsfeeds and apps on his phone. This helps him to keep up with local and international news trends.

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Ryan Seacrest BUilds On His Successful Entertainment Brand

Ryan Seacrest is known to viewers of his hit shows including daytime and primetime shows but he has also created a business and philanthropy empire to rival that of his heroes, including TV presenter Dick Clark. After finding fame as a radio host and presenter of “American Idol”, Ryan Seacrest has become one of the most successful and respected TV producers in Hollywood through the work of his Ryan Seacrest Productions company; he is also known around Southern California and across the U.S. for the work he has completed to bring entertainment to young people through his Ryan Seacrest Foundation.

Perhaps best known for his role as the presenter of “American Idol” and for his daytime TV show, “Live! With Kelly and Ryan”, Seacrest is a stalwart of U.S. TV who also fronts the annual “Rockin’ Eve” special broadcast each New Year’s Eve live from New York’s Times Square. The presenter has also become a familiar voice on the radio for his nationally syndicated morning show and a Top 40 broadcast he presents each day.

After branching out into production, Ryan Seacrest has become a producer of some of TV’s most successful shows including the world’s top reality TV shows, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” and the drama series, “Shades of Blue”. The Jennifer Lopez starring show is a foray into fiction alongside the Netflix show, “Insatiable.”

As an entrepreneur and philanthropist, Ryan Seacrest has a growing reputation after the launch of his menswear brand, “Ryan Seacrest Distinction” which focuses on men’s clothing. Outside of his work as an entrepreneur, the “American Idol” host has become one of the most active philanthropists in Hollywood with board positions at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the work of Ryan Seacrest has been his work as the head of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation which allows him the chance to bring entertainment and media centers to sick children in hospitals around the U.S.

Reference: forbes.com/profile/ryan-seacrest/

Ryan Seacrest Loves To Stay Fit – But He Hasn’t Always Been So Fit

Most people who are personalities, broadcasters, and otherwise participants in radio broadcasts have a “face for radio,” a reasonably polite term for saying those people aren’t very attractive.

Mr. Ryan Seacrest, the 43-year old native of Atlanta, Georgia, is known as a sleek, fit, handsome, attractive, well-dressed host of shows like American Idol and Live with Kelly and Ryan. Though his face has adorned television screens, lifestyle magazine pages, and the Internet for many years, Mr. Seacrest wasn’t always as objectively attractive as he has been for nearly three decades.

It’s safe to say that most people who have been active on social media platforms for a few years have seen the infamous school-age photo portrait of Ryan Seacrest. In that unflattering middle school portrait, featuring a fading baby-blue background, it’s clear that the much-younger Ryan Seacrest certainly wasn’t popular, socially astute, or handsome.

At that young age, Seacrest has admitted that he was one of the most overweight kids in schools he attended – even up through his graduation from Dunwoody High School at the age of 17 – where he was known to wear thick t-shirts while swimming to hide his unappealing upper half, steal countless calories’ worth of food from his mother’s kitchen without getting caught, and even have a reputation of stashing cookies away in his room despite his parents’ outright disapproval.

Nearly immediately after he graduated from Dunwoody High School, teenage Ryan Seacrest began dieting and exercising to sculpt and later maintain the physique he always wanted. Today, Seacrest tells his fans that he aims to spend at least five hours exercising per week despite his grueling work schedule. He loves snacking on veggie juices, raw veggies, and almonds, as well as swimming and engaging in circuit workouts, all per a recent interview with Men’s Journal.

About Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest rose to global acclaim after just one season of co-hosting American Idol: The Search for a Superstar. He currently hosts On Air with Ryan Seacrest, daytime TV series Live with Kelly and Ryan, and even finds time for philanthropy via the self-named Ryan Seacrest Foundation.

Source: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0780435/

Heather Russell Named to Post at Consumer Credit Agency TransUnion

Heather Russell has joined the consumer credit agency TransUnion, becoming the firm’s executive vice president and chief legal officer. She will assume her new post on June 4, replacing John Blenke, who had previously announced his plans to retire.

In joining TransUnion, Heather Russell will bring more than two decades of experience in the field of global financial services. Her background extends into such areas as consumer financial services, data security and regulatory compliance. In her new position, she will oversee legal matters and issues related to corporate governance and compliance, government relations and consumer privacy. Heather Russell will also serve on the firm’s executive committee and will report directly to Jim Peck, the president and CEO of TransUnion. Peck described her as a “strong addition” to the company.

A graduate of the College of William & Mary, in Virginia, Heather Russell would later receive her law degree from American University, in Washington. Her first professional experience in the legal field came from her work as a law clerk for U.S. District Court Judge Claude Hilton. Her subsequent employment included service as counsel for the international legal firm of Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, as senior vice president and associate general counsel at Bank of America, and as managing director and head of public policy and regulatory affairs at The Bank of New York Mellon. In her most recent position, Heather Russell was employed by the law firm of Buckley Sandler, where she was responsible for financial technology matters and for the regulation of financial institutions.

Chicago-based TransUnion is responsible for collecting and analyzing information on more than a billion consumers in some 30 countries. It also has the role of marketing credit reports and consumer-protection products. This year marked the 50th anniversary of the agency, which was originally created as a holding company for a railroad leasing service.

Reference: https://globenewswire.com/news-release/2018/05/01/1494394/0/en/Heather-Russell-Joins-TransUnion-as-Chief-Legal-Officer.html

Madison Street Capital- The Power of Right Positioning

Madison’s Street Capital is a worldwide investment bank that played a big part in exclusively serving as Chief Advisors to the Professional Pipe during the recent recapitalisation. The professional Pipe or PP1 underwent recapitalisation process with KJM Capital Company. The primary business of PP1 is designing and installing of processing piping to industrialised amenities including leading nation poultry processor industries. The deal was publicised by Madison’s Street Capital Charles Botchway the Chief Executive Officer, and it was supervised by Lester Rogers Company Managing Director.


According to the report of PP1 President, the transaction process was challenging and also long, but the grateful insight full of guidance and support from Lester Rogers team made it run smoothly. Kenneth Meister of KJM Capital stated that the company was pleased for partnering with a stable and profitable company like PP1. Kenneth believes the combined effort will continue to provide successful venues and to provide high-quality processing piping products and services to the retail industry.


The PP1 has offered its services to retail industries for the last 40 years, and it has grown tremendously with high returns and performances. The core mission of the Madison’s Street Capital is aligning with different companies who have the capability of working together by using the right strategies. The Madison’s Street Capital believes that partnering with a compatible partner makes it easy to build a long-lasting relationship that moves the business to high levels of profits and success. The PP1 first office location was North Carolina in 1972 providing textile industries with quality piping solutions. In 2016 PP1 changed it strategy opting to deal with food processing facilities becoming the leading providers of different piping equipment and installation services globally. PP1 provides general replacements and maintenance services to new constructions site, renovating construction sites among others.


KJM Capital company agenda is acquiring the middle market and lower companies dealing with the offering of services to people. They partner with the companies providing them with operational expertise in finance, software and accounting hence supporting the company continued growth while expecting exceptional returns and customer service.


The Madison’s Street Capital is well known globally and has offices in Africa, Asia, America and North America and boasts of offering years of professional advice to numerous companies. The company is committed to high levels of integrity, leadership and service in delivering a different corporate mandate to its clients. Madison’s Street Capital positions their customers with the right services enabling them to succeed in the competitive global market. Check out more about this article on PR.com.


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Jed McCaleb’s Cryptocurrency Aims To Ease Income Inequality

Jed McCaleb wants to use the cyrptocurrency craze to help correct one of the flaws he believes the current banking system possesses. The current banking system originated, in part, during the Middle Ages. The Knights Templar ran some of the earliest banks, and this allowed them to accumulate power. The current system, McCaleb believes, favors large investors over the common people. He started Stellar to help people developing their own fledgling cryptocurrencies get their start.

Thousands of cyrptocurrencies exist. Based on this Global Coin Report article, the larger ones, such as Bitcoin, can be worth several thousand dollars. Some of the coins, such as ArtBytes, sell for less than a penny per coin. His current project involves a coin called Lumens. Acquiring the resources for most cryptocurrencies is free. The open source code for BitCoin, for example, can be download from GitHub. Using already existing open source code allows Jed McCaleb‘s company to focus on social issues.

Current banking models are often tied to the credit industry, and many banks do not let people with poor credit ratings open an account. Some people cannot keep checking accounts open because of their limited financial resources. There are financial services that cater to this demographic, but they are often high-fee reloadable debit cards. It costs money to load these cards, and the user usually has to pay monthly fees to keep money in the account.

McCaleb hopes to use the account to help promote entrepreneurial spirit. Millions of people across the world would love to start their own businesses but cannot access the funds because the banks will not lend them money. Because simple gear to mine cryptocurrencies can be easily gained, he belies his new Lumens coin, along with other crytocurrencies, could revolutionize the current financial industry. This may happen if larger governments do not crack down on them.

Check out Jed McCaleb’s prediction about the blockchain and the banking system: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/03/21/an-early-bitcoin-pioneer-predicts-how-the-blockchain-will-change-banking.html