Gregory Aziz: A Brief History of National Steel Car

National Steel Car is a steel car and railcar manufacturer headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. It was founded in 1912 and quickly rose as one of the leading manufacturers in North America. It’s held that title for more than 100 years by establishing and maintaining a set of high standards.

Among its high standards is the drive to outperform itself and the competition. It’s not enough to succeed better than the competition; it’s important to surpass the previous years. Over the last 100 years, the company’s been able to accomplish this by effective using the most current technology, developing innovative products, and having a dedicated workforce.


The commitment and passion that drives the workforce translate well when it’s time to sell to customers. National Steel Car is known for its loyal customer base because customers know and trust their products better than anyone else. Visit This Page for related information.

That’s the most important thing at National Steel Car; satisfying customers. That should be the most important thing for any company. If the company doesn’t have good customer relations, it won’t last long in any market. Competitive work so well because it forces companies to focus on creating return customers and attracting new customers.


This is something that James Aziz understood well before he took over the company. Greg Aziz joined National Steel Car in 1994 but didn’t become CEO until a few years later. Since then, he’s made the company quiet successful, not that it wasn’t already successful.

He did something that most people thought was impossible; he made National Steel Car better. When he took over, the company was already near the top of the railcar manufacturer industry. Under his leadership, National Steel Car became the first ISO certified company in the North American industry.


Other than his ISO success, he’s also won the company numerous awards and honors. In fact, National Steel Car never won so many awards before James Aziz. He led the company to 13 consecutive TTX SECO awards; that’s one award every year for 13 years.


It’s a wonder how National Steel Car managed before Aziz. Before him, the company barely maintained its spotless record. Aziz ensured the company never missed a deadline or disappointed a customer, and they haven’t in the last 30 years.



How Rick Shinto And Penelope Kokkinides Made Innovacare Health A Force

With the number of patients increasing each year, there is a need for quality and reliable healthcare service providers. InnovaCare Health has strongly come out as one of the providers of healthcare services that the patients are looking for.

The kind of healthcare services InnovaCare provides are high-quality and combined with progressive technology. Physician services and Medicare plans are some of the services you can get from this company. The company has the headquarter offices based in New Jersey. InnovaCare Health has an organized way of prioritizing patients’ needs since it believes patients are crucial.

InnovaCare has a dedicated team and strong leadership that help the company to grow and thrive.

The main aim of the company is to come up with an accurate and effective healthcare solution. If this is not achieved, the company would feel it has lost its primary mission in the health industry. Patients have different health needs and meeting them is one of the greatest things the company takes pride in. InnovaCare Health is keen on ensuring the relationship between the patients and healthcare provider is warm. This happens because the company first identifies the needs of the patients before it establishes its subsidiary programs on health matters. It looks forward to seeing all parties winning in every situation.

Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides are some of the top management individuals you find in InnovaCare Health. Rick is the President and also the CEO of this company. His experience is healthcare services runs for over 20 years in the healthcare field. Some of the company doctors, Rick used to work for before he joined InnovaCare include Medical Pathways Management, PMC Medicare, and MMM healthcare. He happened to be the CEO of a California-based NAMM firm. Rick is a reputable author of many briefs and articles on health and changes the health industry has experienced. He is the mind behind the medical provider network that is widely established in Puerto Rico.

Penelope is the InnovaCare Health Chief Administrative Officer. At Aveta Incorporation, Penelope has been a vice president and Chief Operations Officer. She has been in the health industry for 20 years or more and her experience is great. Her knowledge and expertise in healthcare processes and clinical programs are ample. She has worked in other companies, which include AmerChoice, Touchstone Healthcare, and Centerlight HealthCare. Penelope has a bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences from Binghamton University and a Social Work Master’s degree from New York University. In her ideamensch interview, Penelope says that teamwork brings unique ideas to an organization or company.


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The Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur with Jose Hawilla

Different successful individuals have different theories on what makes a successful entrepreneur. Although there many controversies on the issue, there are common traits that successful people have been observed to share. Some of these characteristics are discussed below to give you a glimpse of how successful business people make it;




For an investor to be successful, he/she has to be dedicated and determined to achieve the set goals. This means you have to be prepared to get out of your comfort zone and push yourself to get what you want. You need to research on the best ways to improve your business exclusively.



Patience is a virtue that every investor must have. Many entrepreneurs become irrational when something goes wrong in the business, and they act up with emotions destroying all they had built.

Some investors want large profits and, therefore, put in so much money in a startup project. This is risky because, in the case of an emergency, you may lack the resources to save your business.

Believe in Your Ability, not Material Possessions. Check out for more



There is always the temptation to begin upgrading your clothes or cars once you start making profits. Well, as much as this is important, it may be a set back if overdone. Many individuals do the upgrade to command respect from the society for their new status.


It is essential to moderate the spending and maximize savings for emergency cases. Believe in the power of your ability to command respect instead of material things. For more details visit Globo


Stay Focused on Your Goal


The mistake that many entrepreneurs make is losing focus in the middle of a project. This happens when you have started a project and then see another idea that you feel may be more profitable than the one you are currently handling and decide to put the first one aside to pursue the new plan. Avoid such occurrences and keep your eye on your goal.


Jose Hawilla is an example of an individual who has the above traits. After his career of ten years came to an end, Jose turned to entrepreneurship.


Together with his partners, they bought Traffic Sports, which is the leading marketing sports firm in Brazil.



Dr. Saad Saad Inventions Are Groundbreaking

Accomplished pediatric’s surgeon, Dr. Saad Saad has done thousands of pediatric surgical proceeders over the course of his career. He is always attempting to improve on the procedures and methods that exist and he challenges the existing ways to reduced both risk and pain for his patients. Dr. Saad has developed a number of pediatric surgical procedures and has two inventions patented.



Dr. Saad has performed complex surgeries in the world of pediatrics for over four decades. He has done Medical Missions in the United States, the West Bank and Jerusalem performing complex medical procedures for free on poor children. Dr. Saad hold the patents for both of his inventions personally.



Integral Electromagnetic Location Identifcation Device Catheter



There are a number of functions associated with the tubes known as medical catheters. The tubes are inserted into the body to help with surgical procedures and treating medical conditions. The various types of catheter can drain fluids and gases, give surgical instrument access and several other tasks. There are catheters can be left either permanently or temporarily inside of the body.


Tracking the position of the catheter allows it to be positioned correctly. In the past X-rays or MRIs were used for and the dangers of repeatedly having these procedures done is why Dr. Saad Saad created a catheter that does not require an additional machine to locate it inside of the body. The catheter Dr. Saad designed uses electromagnetic energy for locating it. The tip of the catheter holds the material for locating it allowing a doctor to use a locating device to scan the body and receive a signal of where the catheter is. The device works similar to a metal detector in addition to being portable and practical.



Irrigation and Suction Apparatus for the Endoscope


Endoscope use improvement was the idea behind the second invention from Dr. Saad. The Endoscope is used to look into various parts of the body such as colon, windpipe, bladder, throat and stomach to provide a visual of what is happening inside the body without a more invasive procedure. The endoscope can be fogged by liquids in the body which is the reason for the suction capability that Dr. Saad patented for it.


Why Did Dr. Saad Invent These Items?



Dr. Saad saw a need and decided to fill it. Both of the inventions help to make tasks easier to perform and safer. Learn more:









Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home

Sussex Healthcare recently announced that it would be hiring a new CEO for the company. Amanda Morgan-Taylor is expected to offer experience from a variety of organizations that she has previously worked with. Before she was officially appointed to the role, she spent a few months becoming more familiar with the organization and how she would go about instituting her newest agenda. This gave her a pretty big head start by the time she officially stepped into the role. She was able to figure out just how the company was performing and was certain about what she needed to work on the most.

Taylor decided that it would be best to start by establishing a new director position, one geared towards service improvement. However, Taylor is no stranger to delegating these types of tasks. In fact, she spent over 30 years in the health care sector where she was able to work with several organizations. In 1984, she worked as a Mental Health Nurse. And since this time, she has served in leadership positions and earned a stellar reputation.

Sussex expects that Taylor will bring a lot of healthy change to the company. More specifically, they believe that her innovation will help them reach a whole new level of success. Taylor has made a commitment to work with the senior management to ensure that the company is able to reach its goals.


Sussex Healthcare has over 20 centers spread out across the United Kingdom. These facilities serve to help the elderly, those who suffer with dementia and neurological disorders, as well as those who struggle with disabilities. This award-winning company is dedicated to providing all of the necessary treatment to make sure that their residents have a great quality of life.

This is why they offer as much customized care as possible. For instance, the nutrition plans are tailored specifically to the needs of the residents. The fitness training is also tailored to the exact needs of the residents, with all having access to their own personal trainers.

Sussex works to ensure that its staff has the best of training. This enables them to render service that is based on compassion, dedication and caring. Taylor recently paid a visit to all 20 Sussex facilities. She spoke with the staff, residents, and the family of residents to get a better idea of the things that she would need to do in order to make sure the facility offers even better service.


Dangers of Inflation and the US Money Reserve’s Solution

Inflation is the process by which goods and services that have not increased in quality or value increase in cost. It increases the price of everything, from bread to movie tickets. And it’s dangerous to the everyday life of a consumer in the United States – or anywhere else.


Inflation is typically measured by the Consumer Price Index, or the CPI, which measures the change in the cost of thousands of products and uses an algorithm to calculate the average rate of inflation on these items. An example of the drastic impact of inflation is the fact that in 1975, the average cost of attendance for a four-year public college was $2,387 per year – and nowadays, the average cost is $9,410 for the same quality of education. In 1976, you could easily buy a car for $3700. In 2015, even the most inexpensive midsize car cost more than $16,000.


So what, you might think. Things being more expensive isn’t a problem as long as salaries are rising, too. But the problem is that they’re not. Sure, salaries are rising in tandem with inflation, but they’re not doing so fast enough to keep up with the rising cost of quality of life. Inflation is eating away at American’s ability to live a good, relaxed life because it means that people who work the same amount as they used to now have to be more careful with their money. Coupled with the current problems in our country’s economy and the fact that many people are out of work, inflation is causing serious problems.


Inflation also makes retirement complicated and daunting. People who are currently working are looking towards retirement with stress as opposed to eagerness, due to the fact that if the trend of inflation continues, they will have a lower quality of life once retired than they do now. The US government uses the inflation rate to calculate contribution limits to social security or private retirement plans. The LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute calculated a potential model of the impact of inflation on retirement security and says that only a one percent inflation rate could slash over $34,000 dollars worth of benefits for retirees.


The US Money Reserve has a one of a kind way to ensure that inflation does not have a negative impact on your life and finances. The US Money Reserve is one of the US’s largest distributors of government-issued coins and the only such distributor headed by a former director of the US Mint, Phillip N. Diehl. It has had over 400,000 satisfied clients and sells gold, silver, and platinum. Gold is much more reliable than simple money, given that the value of gold is rising faster than the rate of inflation. Including gold in your portfolio will protect your finances from the inevitability of inflation, and the US Money Reserve is dedicated to helping people secure their futures with it. Diehl understands money and finances thanks to his current and former positions and is confident in gold’s ability to preserve the financial future of Americans.

End Citizens United Endorses Dr. Tipirneni in Arizona’s 8th Congressional District

End Citizens United has made it their mission to help fight back against the disastrous Trump Administration in order to bring some level of power back to the people. Through the first year and change of President Trump’s role as President of the United States, the country has taken several major steps backward. Now, in 2018, there is a real chance for the regular people of America to win back a little bit of the ground that was ceded to Trump’s dangerous, violent, and unqualified regime. This change is coming by way of the 2018 Congressional Elections which will prove to be some of the most fundamentally important elections in the recent history of the nation. End Citizens United is doing their part to tout candidates who are willing to go toe to toe with the establishment in order to bring representation back to the people.

End Citizens United is a political action committee that has been committed to raising money and awareness so that they could fight back against dark money flooding into politics. End Citizens United gets their name from the 2010 SCOTUS amendment regarding Citizens United, a conservative propaganda movement that wanted to allow more money into the world of politics. ECU has been championing campaign finance reform for years now and they are raising serious money to help candidates who are willing to push for reformation themselves. Most recently, End Citizens United endorsed Dr. Hiral Tipirneni for Arizona’s 8th Congressional District.

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Dr. Hiral Tipirneni will be participating in the Special Election that Arizona is throwing on April 24th. Dr. Tipirneni won the endorsement of End Citizens United after vowing to fight for campaign finance reform while refusing to accept any PAC money of their own. Tiffany Muller, President of End Citizens United, released a statement of endorsement coinciding with their announcement. Muller praised Dr. Tipirneni for rejecting corporate money during her campaign and for being willing to fight back against the rigged system that Washington has been coalescing into since the 2010 SCOTUS decision regarding Citizens United.

Dr. Tipirneni echoed the sentiment put forth by End Citizens United in her own statement. Dr. Tipirneni pointed out that Washington’s major issue right now is the influx of dark money, lobbyists, and special donors who seek to take legislative control away from the American people and for use with their own gain. Dr. Tipirneni will need End Citizens United to help compete against the influx of corporate money that is backing conservative candidates in the special election.

Robert Ivy: Excellence in the Making

Architect Robert Ivy, a Columbus Mississippi native, is the Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of the American Institute of Architects(AIA) and was named CEO in 2011. AIAs’ network structure consists of over 250 chapters and more than 90,000 architect members and design professionals dedicated to building framework environments. Mr. Ivy is a powerful advocate for public outreach and educational initiatives. He thrives on assisting his members to serve communities around the globe, in efforts to deliver a better tomorrow. Prior to his AIA appointment, Robert Ivy served as Vice President and Editorial Director of McGraw-Hill Construction and Editor-In-Chief of Architectural Record Magazine where he has earned countless publishing honors and accolades which is an unusual achievement for the common professional journal.

Robert Ivy attended Sewanee University where he obtained a bachelor’s degree as well as a master’s degree in architecture from Tulane University. Initially, his career began as a principal at Dean/Dale, Dean & Ivy from 1981 to 1996. During this same time frame, he also critiqued multiple national publications. The astute author wrote multiple articles. One column that comes to mind is titled ‘The Cure for What Ails You? Good Design’. Published by HuffingtonPost, the article poses the question; “can design decisions enhance care for those that are ill?”. Robert Ivy expounds on a study that demonstrates the connection between design and health is amiss in the healthcare and medical communities. In short, these communities find it impractical that buildings can have a direct impact on patients health and well being. He argues that design impacts public health via the encouragement of healthy lifestyles. In addition, things such as location and selection of building materials must be carefully considered in the planning process. Robert Ivy closes by stating that architects and urban planners have the ability to influence health by creating sustainable and optimal buildings that minimize its ecological footprint while fostering human well being.

Robert Ivy’s top priorities today include transitioning the AIA into a more proactive, responsive, and influential organization. He and his colleagues are fully involved in creating public awareness and value of the architecture community.

The Rebranding And Restructuring Of Obsidian Energy

Obsidian Energy is an oil and gas producing company that is based in Calgary, Alberta in Canada. The company was founded in 1978 and has been operational since then. The company has grown over time, and it has proven to be one of the most improving companies in Canada. It has continued growing. The current workforce is more than 300 personnel. The Chief Executive Officer of Obsidian Energy is David E. French. He assumed the office on 19th June 2003 and has been in office since then. David French, the CEO has brought about several critical achievements in the company. He is the one who has kept the company on feet and is responsible for the several key advancements.


The company initially was known as the Penn West Petroleum Ltd. The company’s Chief Executive Officer David French came up with the idea of changing the name of the company. Later, it was approved by the shareholders of the company on 26th June 2017. According to the CEO of the group, the need to change the name of the company was catalyzed by the company’s need to restructure its services. The company also wanted to rebrand to command a high market share, and it was typically one of its marketing strategies. Despite the severe instability in the oil prices in early 2014, the company has withstood all the challenges and has continued making huge strides. Get Related Information Here.


The company recently released its 2017 Financial Audit and operational results. According to the report the company was doing exceptionally well, and it realized a 10% increase from the 2016 Financial year. Obsidian Energy consistently in the market in making a profit is therefore remarkable. The report was released by the CEO of the company, and it promised its clients and shareholders that this year 2018 would produce better results. The expenditure of the company was also within the range that they had planned use. Obsidian Energy company hopes at increasing their market share in the coming years by expanding its products all over Europe. With its unique production of Pembina Cardium, the company hopes at controlling the Canadian Oil market in the coming years.



Fashion’s Agency: Brown Modeling Agency

When someone thinks of Texas, cowboys and cattle and cowboy boots may come to mind. But the Brown Agency is making sure the talented people in Texas will be known worldwide for their impeccable talent. This modeling agency is a leader in Texas serving the fashion, entertainment and advertising industries.


The Wilhelmina Austin Company acquired the Brown Modeling Agency. This Texas modeling agency is ran by president and chief executive officer James Brown. James Brown has his very own experience in the modeling world. He worked his way through college by modeling. The business management major was more interested in what went on behind the scenes. After college, he began training models for the professional arena of modeling. He started developing and placing models to work like professionals. The thirty-five year old is still doing that. At the Brown Modeling Agency, James and his staff of seven guide and direct nearly five hundred talented people. He is the leading force of this modeling company and is keeping his company’s promise to their models by bringing the necessary training and opportunities for job placement.


The Brown Modeling Agency is one of the top modeling agency’s in the Austin, Texas area. It arrived in the lone star state in the spring of 2010 to serve the area’s budding commercial and modeling talent. This Texan agency is apart of the Brown Modeling Agency family. When the agency came to town, their goal was to establish big market standards that had not been seen in Austin. That is exactly what the agency is accomplishing.


The Brown Modeling Agency has given their models job opportunities to work with thousands of companies. The success does not stop there. The agency has placed their models in job opportunities with major companies like Dell, Toyota, Loreal and Louis Vuitton. The talent of this agency has graced some of the most well known runways in fashion: Miami Swim Week, Dallas Fashion Week, Austin Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week. You can visit their website



The Brown Modeling Agency sets the standard on providing the only best talent for jobs, preparing their talent for larger markets and keeping professionalism and elegance in their work they are doing in Austin and also with their work they are doing worldwide. The Wilhelmina Austin Company states that the Brown Agency will be one of their most valuable acquisitions yet. That is absolutely believable with the agency’s talent constantly growing and constantly being spotted in some of fashion’s major brands.The Brown Modeling Agency is always seeking talent and with the reputation the agency has formed, we are sure the agency will have no problem garnering and grooming new models for their fierce futures in fashion and modeling.



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