OSI Group: Building Facilities Worldwide and Acquiring Smaller Food Businesses

Through the years, there has only been one leader in the food processing sector operating in the United States – the OSI Group, which was founded in the early 1900s by Otto Kolschowsky. The immigrant from Germany established his meat business in the United States, and through hard work and marketing skills, he was able to transform his small family business into a leading enterprise for meat lovers. The company that he built went into different changes through the years, and their partnership with McDonald’s allowed the company to operate overseas. In a short period of time, the OSI Group managed to open new plants in Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

The OSI Group invested heavily in the construction of new manufacturing plants around the world. One of the most advanced manufacturing plants owned by the company is located in Toledo, Spain, and it could process thousands of chickens per day. The people from the Iberian Peninsula, which is where Span and Portugal is located, is known for their cuisines made from chicken. The region is known for its huge demand for chicken meat, and the OSI Group saw it as a great business opportunity. The company immediately went to Toledo, Spain, and bought the land needed for the construction of a state of the art facility for processing chicken meat. When it opened, the facility provided jobs to the locals, and it increased the production of poultry for the region. Many people welcomed the opening of the plant, believing that the company will be able to solve poultry meat shortages.

Aside from their plant in Toledo, Spain, the OSI Group is also purchasing small businesses that are falling under the food manufacturing sector. The company wanted to give small time business people a chance to turn their brands into hugely popular products, and with the partnership being offered by the company, the competition becomes less. The leading meat and protein manufacturing company stated that they are currently eyeing on some of the largest businesses in continents, and they wanted to offer different contracts to these companies to ensure that they would also want the idea of merger or acquisition.

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