The Dragonmore series

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A dark, epic fantasy series by Terry Dock:

The end’s not a time, it’s a place. And it’s getting closer. — From east to west, on a single front traveling northward at the steady pace of one league per hour, the Flat is unraveling—collapsing into the abyss. The world is literally falling from under people’s feet, and from the Kingdom of Trion in the North to the Seigneury of Pontaigues in the South, no one seems to give a rotten shit about it, caught up as they are in their mundane troubles.


Spacejet Cover ArtA quirky space opera/comedic adventure:

A Texan waitress. A felid hotshot. A planet to save — Mary Lou Montgomery is a waitress from Crater Mill, Texas. With her friends, Chantrice and Jimmy Lee, she finds herself in the middle of an intergalactic mess, as tentacled monsters come pouring down the sky. The Earth’s only hope lies with this ragtag bunch and the allies they encounter: a swaggering felid, a robot with a good heart, and the spacejet that will take them to the stars.

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