“Spacejet” Character Introduction (1)

Here comes a little Spacejet teaser for y’all! Check out, after the break, a short presentation of my main character (tiny spoilers ahead, so proceed at your own risk):

Mary Lou Montgomery, 25, is a perky little blonde. She lives in the Free Republic of Texas, in a nice, cosy trailer by the canyon. Every day she goes to work wearing her red polka-dotted uniform, with a smile on her face and a firearm in her purse—waitressing can get rough.

Her mom taught her to speak like a proper lady, but growing up, Mary Lou formed her own opinion of what a proper lady is. Push her a little, and she can go from “aggravated” to “all swole-up” very fast. In a small town like Crater Mill, though, attitude is like firepower; it’s a girl’s best friend. And Mary Lou is packing a lot of both.

Next Thursday, the launch date drops, and the following week, you will get to meet Chantrice, Mary Lou’s best friend. Stick around! Only weeks to go before the big day, now.


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