I Am The Lion

I’m not in the habit of posting poetry, but today I wrote one I really love, so here it goes:

I am the lion in the snow
I make no sound for men to hear
I leave no track through where I go
I am the biting cold they fear

I am the lion made of ice
I stalk the vale ever alone
I care neither for birds nor mice
I thrive on no meat but my own

I am the lion with no pride
I know no bounds, I bind no ties
I am the beast from which beasts hide
I stare the monsters in the eyes

I am the lion of shadow
Where silence falls is where I show

I never write poetry, because I never read any so I don’t think I’m any good at it. Also, I hardly ever have anything to write poems about, except today. Today I embrace who I am and that’s something worthy of rhymes.

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