Amusement Park

I know I said I don’t write much poetry, but here’s another schizoid poem:

The parents laugh, the children lark
In the amusement park.

Mummy please don’t push me to try
‘Cos I don’t wanna fly.

The rides don’t work for boys like me;
I’m different you see.

I’m not afraid, I just don’t care
For dancing in the air.

Please I don’t need to go after
On their roller-coaster.

Mummy don’t be sad about it;
I don’t miss out one bit.

I have no fear of what’s inside;
I don’t go there to hide.

Inside I fly like Pegasus
—Mummy don’t make a fuss!

Oh please trust me, it is a gift
From my side of the rift.

I wave at you from over here;
I sing out, don’t you hear?

It’s not lonely, don’t you worry:
I make my own story.

It’s just I don’t like when it’s dark
In the amusement park.

They put shadows inside your eyes;
They fill your ears with cries.

You cannot see me where I stand;
You let go of my hand.

I promise you I will stay strong
But this here place is wrong.

They don’t see it, they think it’s fun.
They scream but they should run.

The children here, I think they’re trapped;
To the big wheel, they’re strapped.

They’ll never leave, bound in the dark
In the amusement park.

Neither will I but it’s alright;
I fill the gloom with light.

I catch my ride out of the dark
From the amusement park.

I’ll never leave but don’t you fuss
It’s fine—I’m Pegasus.

Now, back to work on Dragonmore!

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