The Banners of Arkenbrant (Dragonmore #2)

Cover TBOAIt’s out! The second instalment of my Dragonmore series is available on:

Smashwords (epub)

Amazon Kindle (mobi)

(Also, check out your local Amazon Stores: UKFRDEESITJPCABR, depending on where you’re reading this from.)

The Banners of Arkenbrant picks up right where A Taste of Fire left off. This second book explores the world of Dragonmore further: we learn more about how the Unraveling works and get a glimpse behind the curtain where dark forces are gesticulating; we reconnect with our unlikely heroes, as well, and walk in their shadow as they face an increasingly greater and multifaceted threat. We get our first look at Sher Ashelon, too, the fabled cities of the wizards, but even there hope has never been so dim.

I had great fun writing this one and I’m very happy it turned out the way it did. The road is paved for The Fall of Whitewater (Dragonmore #3), whose title is not as spoiler-y as you might think (it’s a reference to a work of fiction by the bard Daudre Chantey/Morrowsong). Let me tell you, I’m quite relieved book 2 is done, so I can focus on being the writer again, and get started on book 3!

If you haven’t read A Taste of Fire yet, start here. If you have, welcome back. Either way—pick up your sword, ready your sorcery. Spoiler alert: running away just got off the menu.

PS. Smashwords will distribute to other retailers, including B&N and Apple, but that takes time. I’ll keep you lot posted.

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