Breaking the Surface

I’ve had so many things to do, so much mundane-life bullshit to worry about and take care of, I can’t believe it’s been so long since I posted something here. All that stuff getting in the way meant less time for writing, but fortunately it wasn’t all bad and it’s mostly under control now, so yay! Back to work. (Be careful, mild Dragonmore spoilers ahead!)

At this point last year I was well on my way to finishing The Banners of Arkenbrant. I’m not so lucky with the upcoming Fall of Whitewater, but at least I’ve started the writing, for good this time. I’m back on the Flat, traipsing through mud with Princess and living the Thug life with Eldebryant. The theme for the book is set too, if only in my mind at this point. A Taste of Fire was about life blowing up in people’s faces. The Banners of Arkenbrant had a definite taking-to-skies-when-the-world-is-coming-down flavour. Well, as the (working) title proclaims loudly enough, The Fall of Whitewater will be about just that: everything that goes up, must eventually come down. And it will all come down hard. It’ll definitely be Dragonmore‘s darkest hour to date. (Me feeling the need to add “to date” gives you an idea of what’s in store for later books. Spoiler alert: it ain’t for everyone.)

Dragonmore is not the only project I’m on (and don’t even get me started about the freelance work and looking for a normal day-job in the Muggle world). Every morning before breakfast—read: before the world wakes up and is in any state to throw bullshit my way—I write. The story I’m working on is… well, it’s a secret at this point. Not that there’s anything controversial or revolutionary about it (it’s fresh, I hope, but not fresh to the point of needing secrecy). It’s just I’m not comfortable talking too much about it before I know if I’m ever going to come forth with it. Which is weird, because I’m currently in the first draft for a third book in that story world.

Okay, a little glimpse, maybe? Keywords, then: urban fantasy, gay protagonist, first-person narrator, and a shit ton of demons. I have no idea if y’all are ever going to read it, but so far I’m having tons of fun with it, which is kind of the point:  pure no-strings-attached fun. With Dragonmore I have to think like a professional, like an author. With this here secret morning project, I’m a writer. It’s fun. I’m free.

Alright. That’s it for the update. tl;dr I’m breaking the surface of the water. Writing is getting done, in Dragonmore and other projects. Life is good. I’ll check back with y’all soon. (Seriously, I will.)

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