Picture by Kelly Tsiouplis

My full name is John Terry Dock (just Terry Dock on book covers, cos it’s shorter), although I go by Jack (cos it’s shorter and cooler). I’m in my late thirties and currently living in Brussels. I’m a writer who loves science fiction and fantasy. I’m a nerd (and I mean really: by the time I turned 20, I could argue grammar points in Quenya and Sindarin with the best Elvish lambengolmor).

A college dropout, I still managed to snatch a bachelor’s degree in sociology—no idea how that happened, but it did. I’m also interested in fitness, health, and nutrition to the point I’m aiming to make it my job (I’m back to school with that plan in mind). I eat a high-fat/low-carb diet, loosely Paleo, which means that food-wise I go by the motto: If it don’t bleed, I don’t eat. I even got a blog about all that stuff, now.

If you want to know more about my books, I set up this page, and you’re welcome to read my blog, where I write about my life—as a writer, but also as a thirty-something nerdy loner guy. I might sometimes rant about politics and opinions and stuff, but feel free to ignore those if that’s not your thing. Most of the posts are in English, mais parfois j’écris en français aussi.

I’m on Twitter, as well as on Facebook where you can send me a friend request or like my Page. Also, Goodreads! And last but not least: Pinterest, if you’re into fitness models, muscle cars, cute baby animals and motivational posters (and I mean, who isn’t?).